9 Facts About Federal Reserve

1. The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee examines many economic indicators prior to determining monetary policy.

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2. The Federal Reserve promoted economic recovery through sharp reductions in its target for the federal funds rate and through large-scale purchases of securities.

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3. The Federal Reserve buys Treasury bills from its primary dealers.

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4. In 2015, the Federal Reserve Banks made a profit of $100.2 billion and distributed $2.5 billion in dividends to member banks as well as returning $97.7 billion to the US Treasury.

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5. The Federal Reserve Banks' wholesale services include electronically transferring funds through the Fedwire Funds Service and transferring securities issued by the US government, its agencies, and certain other entities through the Fedwire Securities Service.

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6. The Federal Reserve Banks' retail services include distributing currency and coin, collecting checks, and electronically transferring funds through the automated clearinghouse system.

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7. The Federal Reserve plays a role in the nation's retail and wholesale payments systems by providing financial services to depository institutions.

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8. The Federal Reserve Banks then distribute it to other financial institutions in various ways.

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9. In 2015, the Federal Reserve earned net income of $100.2 billion and transferred $97.7 billion to the US Treasury.

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