25 Facts About Beavis


Beavis's father is a former Motley Crue roadie along with Butt-Head's father.

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Beavis has blond hair which he wears in an oversized pompadour style, a pronounced underbite, and an obsessive stare and speaks in a hoarse voice along with his trademark snicker.

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Beavis is nearly always seen in profile, rather than looking directly at the camera.

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Beavis is usually seen wearing a Metallica T-shirt, though in merchandising appearances his shirt displays the slogan "Death Rock" to avoid licensing issues.

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Beavis is slightly shorter than his best friend Butt-Head, although he appears taller from a distance due to his hairstyle.

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Beavis works with Butt-Head as a fry cook at the fast food restaurant Burger World and once defiantly revealed that he is a fan of the rock band Bon Jovi to Butt-Head, who dislikes the band and its lead singer Jon Bon Jovi.

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Beavis's name was inspired by a friend of Judge's from his college days named Bobby Beavis.

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Mike Judge once said in an interview that Beavis "is a zero" when it comes to intelligence; indeed, Beavis is often oblivious to what should be obvious.

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In "Murder Site", Beavis was driven to attack and nearly kill Butt-Head, who ceaselessly called him "Butt-Knocker", a term which Beavis resents.

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Beavis stood up to Butt-Head while they were watching the video for Rancid's "Nihilism": Butt-Head kept talking about it derisively, prompting Beavis to tell Butt-Head to shut up.

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Beavis has shown instances of insight on such topics as the true meaning of Christmas, or in his analysis of a video by Korn.

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However, in both instances Beavis seems to be either in a trance or possessed, and shortly afterward he displays no recollection of what he just said.

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Beavis pulls his shirt collar over his head, raises his forearms in a right angle to his chest, and then begins to yell or scream erratically, producing a stream of gibberish and strange noises, with his eyes wide.

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Beavis had stood up to Todd Ianuzzi, who demanded he move out of the road.

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Beavis's favorite means of retribution is kicking Butt-Head in the testicles.

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Butt-Head usually knows when Beavis is approaching his breaking point and will back off.

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Beavis is usually a follower, willingly taking Butt-Head's instructions and cooperating in his endeavors.

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Beavis has shown some level of respect for Daria, as she is the only student who tolerates the duo the most without losing her cool.

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Beavis has a penchant for making off-beat sound effects to suit the occasion.

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Beavis sometimes makes a Bronx cheer by puckering his lips.

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Beavis frequently pulls down his pants during music video reviews.

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Beavis took Kaopectate once after hearing it is for diarrhea under the misconception he would get diarrhea; he was only soothed by an enormous bowel movement which he saved in his dresser drawer, much to Butt-Head's disgust.

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Beavis's family is occasionally mentioned but has never been seen in the show in person.

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The duo weren't paying attention to the story and were busy playing with the garbage disposal which drowned out much of the real estate agent was saying, but it can be deduced that Shirley Beavis was affected by the loss of her son and she won a settlement from NASA but ended up spending it all.

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Beavis is said to be a drifter and a one-time roadie for rock band Motley Crue.

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