20 Facts About Norfolk Southern


Norfolk Southern Railway is a Class I freight railroad in the United States, formed in 1982 by the merger of the Norfolk and Western Railway and the Southern Railway.

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Norfolk Southern is the namesake and leading subsidiary of the Norfolk Southern Corporation, based in Atlanta, Georgia; it was headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia until 2021.

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The primary business function of Norfolk Southern Corporation is the rail transportation of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods across the Southeast, East, and Midwest United States.

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Profitable and innovative, Southern became, in 1953, the first major U S railroad to completely switch to diesel-electric locomotives from steam.

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Norfolk Southern suffered a slight embarrassment when the marble headpiece at the building's entrance was unveiled, which read "Norfork Southern Railway".

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In 1996, CSX bid to buy Conrail; Norfolk Southern, fearing that CSX would come to dominate rail traffic in the eastern U S, responded with a bid of its own.

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Norfolk Southern is divided into 3 operation regions, each containing 2 divisions.

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Norfolk Southern was taken to court and fined for violating the Clean Water Act and the Federal Superfund law.

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In 1994, EMD GP59 No 4610 was painted in predecessor Norfolk Southern colors of green and white with gold trim and was a favorite of railfans.

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Norfolk Southern painted 20 new-order ES44ACs and SD70ACes in commemorative heritage paint schemes as part of NS's 30th anniversary celebration in 2012 .

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Norfolk Southern has many locomotives painted in various versions of the Operation Lifesaver scheme.

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In February 2015, Norfolk Southern unveiled restored NS 3170 in the Southern Railway "Tuxedo" paint scheme.

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In November 2011, Norfolk Southern unveiled SD60E 6920 – painted in a blue, red, white and black "Honoring our Veterans" paint scheme.

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Large majority of Norfolk Southern's locomotives come from the company's many predecessors, which include but are not limited to Norfolk and Western, Southern Railway, and Conrail.

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Norfolk Southern has drastically reduced the number of them by scrapping, rebuilding, or selling them.

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Norfolk Southern is the only railroad ever to own SD80MACs and SD90MACs simultaneously.

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Norfolk Southern owned all of the SD80MACs and 110 of the SD90MACs from Union Pacific.

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Norfolk Southern acquired 10 SD90MACs from CIT Group in exchange for 15 MP15DCs.

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Norfolk Southern has a very large program for re-cabbing locomotives.

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In December 2015, Norfolk Southern had concluded their program; however, the 611 continued to run various excursions, hosted by the Virginia Museum of Transportation and the North Carolina Transportation Museum instead of Norfolk Southern across the NS system in Virginia and North Carolina.

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