8 Facts About Dutch East India Company

1. The Dutch East India Company came to dominate the map-making and map printing industry by virtue of their own travels, trade ventures, and widespread commercial networks.

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2. The Dutch East India Company was much an unofficial representative of the States General of the United Provinces in foreign relations of the Dutch Republic with many states, especially Dutch-Asian relations.

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3. The Dutch East India Company was a major force behind the financial revolution and economic miracle of the young Dutch Republic in the 17th century.

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4. The Dutch East India Company pioneered stock futures, stock options, short selling, bear raids, debt-equity swaps, and other speculative instruments.

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5. The Dutch East India Company became the first company to offer shares of stock.

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6. The Dutch East India Company were the first who effectively used a fully-fledged capital market to finance companies (such as the VOC and the WIC).

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7. The second factor enabled the Dutch East India Company easily to finance its expansion in the new areas of commerce.

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8. The Dutch East India Company was a transcontinental employer and an early pioneer of outward foreign direct investment.

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