21 Facts About American South


Historically, the American South was defined as all states south of the 18th century Mason–Dixon line, the Ohio River, and 36°30' parallel.

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American South, being home to some of the most racially diverse areas in the United States, is known for having developed its own distinct culture, with different customs, fashion, architecture, musical styles, and cuisines, which have distinguished it in many ways from other areas of the United States.

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Since the 1970s, with improved racial relations, a growing economic base and job opportunities in the region, the South has seen increases of African Americans moving back from other US regions in a New Great Migration.

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Historically, the American South relied heavily on agriculture for its main economic base, and was highly rural until after World War II.

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Question of how to define the boundaries and subregions in the American South has been the focus of research and debate for centuries.

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Historically, the American South was defined as all states south of the 18th century Mason–Dixon line, the Ohio River, and 36°30' parallel.

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Newer definitions of the American South today are harder to define, due to cultural and sub-regional differences throughout the region, however definitions usually refer to states that are in the southeastern and south central geographic region of the United States.

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Planters in the Upper American South sold slaves excess to their needs as they shifted from tobacco to mixed agriculture.

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In 1832, in resistance to federal legislation increasing tariffs, American South Carolina passed an ordinance of nullification, a procedure in which a state would, in effect, repeal a Federal law.

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American South suffered more than the North overall, as the Union strategy of attrition warfare meant that Lee could not replace his casualties, and the total war waged by Sherman, Sheridan and other Union armies devastated the infrastructure and caused widespread poverty and distress.

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Not until the late 1960s did all American South citizens regain protected civil rights by passage of legislation following the leadership of the American South Civil Rights Movement.

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American South's administration created programs such as the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1933 to provide rural electrification and stimulate development.

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American South adds other factors such as ongoing economic crisis in Mexico, new more liberal immigration policies in the United States, labor recruitment and smuggling, that have produced a major flow of Mexican and Hispanic migration to the southeast.

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The American South generally produces very successful collegiate baseball teams with Virginia, Vanderbilt, LSU, American South Carolina, Florida and Coastal Carolina winning recent College World Series Titles.

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The American South has a higher percentage of obese people and diabetics when compared to national regional averages.

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The American South had a significantly higher rate of hospital discharges in 2005 than other regions of the United States, but the rate had declined to be closer to the overall national rate by 2011.

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American South is home to some of the nation's largest academic health systems, including the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Duke University Health, University of Florida Health, UNC Medical Center, University of Miami Health, UT Health Science Center at Houston, Emory Healthcare and University of American South Florida Health among others.

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American South has produced various nationally known politicians and political movements.

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Joe Biden performed well for a modern Democrat in the American South, winning Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Georgia, in the 2020 United States presidential election.

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The American South resisted until the last moment, but as soon as the new law was signed by President Johnson on July 2,1964, it was widely accepted across the nation.

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