9 Facts About Columbia University

1. Columbia University is a private Ivy League research university in New York City.

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2. In 1919, Columbia University established a student application process characterized by The New York Times as "the first modern college application".

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3. Pursuant to an affiliation agreement, Columbia University is given the authority to confer "degrees and diplomas" to the graduates of Teachers College.

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4. In 2021, 2020, and 2019, Columbia University was ranked third in the same publication.

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5. In 2015, Columbia University was ranked the first in the state by average professor salaries.

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6. Professional journals published by academic departments at Columbia University include Current Musicology and The Journal of Philosophy.

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7. The Notes and Keys, the oldest a cappella group at Columbia University, was founded in 1909.

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8. Largest student service organization at Columbia University is Community Impact.

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9. Notable figures that have served as the president of Columbia University include 34th President of the United States Dwight D Eisenhower, 4th Vice President of the United States George Clinton, Founding Father and US Senator from Connecticut William Samuel Johnson, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nicholas Murray Butler, and First Amendment scholar Lee Bollinger.

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