19 Facts About Batcave


Batcave is a subterranean location appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Batcave discovered the cave by accident when testing the floor of an old barn on the rear of the property, and the floor gave way.

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Batcave serves as Batman's secret headquarters and the command center, where he monitors all crisis points in Gotham City, as well as the rest of the world.

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Batcave is rigged with the most sophisticated security system in the world in order to prevent all measure of infiltration.

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One such Batcave was given to Batgirl, below a house owned by Bruce Wayne himself, during a point where her identity was compromised after she saved a man from rogue government agents, meaning that she could not walk around without a mask.

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In Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat, some years after Bruce Wayne's death and humanity's decimation by a virus unleashed by Ra's al Ghul, Ra's takes control of the Batcave and uses some of Bruce's sketches of possible costumes to create an army of Bat-men based on Bruce's rejected costume designs.

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Batcave arrived there due to a built in subroutine in the suit that if the user is seriously injured or falls unconscious, the suit becomes automated and returns the user to the Batcave.

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Batcave then discovers an armored and more powerful version of his own Batsuit which is powered by synthetic Kryptonite.

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Batcave first became part of the Batman mythos in the 1943 15-chapter movie serial Batman starring Lewis Wilson.

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Batcave was featured and expanded on in the 1949 serial Batman and Robin starring Robert Lowery.

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The Batcave is accessible via a service elevator which is used by Alfred.

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Batcave reappears in The Dark Knight Rises in full working condition.

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The Batcave is an old Wayne Terminus railway station into his hidden headquarters, accessed through a series of secret tunnels underneath Wayne Tower.

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Batcave's wheelchair is uncovered in the cave by the archaeologists, who believe that it was Alfred who used it.

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In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, the Batcave makes its first appearance in the episode "Deep Cover for Batman, " when Owlman attacks Batman inside it.

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In "Menace of the Conquer Caveman" Booster Gold mentions that the Batcave will be converted into a historical attraction with its own built-in roller coaster in the 25th century.

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Batcave is featured in the 2012 video game Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes which features three parking 'areas' for land, sea and air based vehicles and their appropriate exits from the cave, the Batcomputer, used to replay past levels and 'warp' to various landmarks in Gotham and other elements shown in Batman media such as a waterfall, a Lincoln Penny and an animatronic T-Rex.

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Batcave is accessible in the main campaign of Batman: Arkham Origins.

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The Batcave is heavily damaged by Bane during the game's climax.

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