34 Facts About Batsuit


Batsuit is the costume of DC Comics' fictional superhero Batman, who appears in their American comic books.

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Batsuit suggested that the color of his bodysuit should be gray instead of red and a pair of gloves were added, colored purple from the start but later changed to blue.

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Similar to many other superhero costumes, the Batsuit's basic foundation is a tight bodysuit.

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The Batsuit is no longer portrayed as a one-piece suit, as the top and pants are separate pieces.

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The basic version of the Batsuit is insulated against electricity and is mildly fire resistant.

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Batsuit ripped up his cape and used some pieces of broken wood to make an impromptu ankle splint.

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Batsuit is commonly seen with the cape able to wrap around his entire body, usually whenever he is standing or sometimes when walking.

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Batsuit has been repeatedly updated in order to reflect advances in technology.

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Batsuit falls over and "plays dead, " then jumps up and catches them off-guard.

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The Batsuit has a magnetic signature harness, allowing Batman to attract his body to a gargantuan metal object such as an airplane.

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The gauntlets and boots for this Batsuit are one piece, connected seamlessly to the arms and legs.

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When Gordon was acting alone, the robot Batsuit could run a 'nimble auto program' that would allow Gordon's home base to set a target and allow the suit to calculate how to reach that target, using basic contextual materials to act on its own accord.

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Batsuit wears this costume until 1999, when he rediscovers his long-missing father- Bruce Wayne having become immortal and young in 1979 after a confrontation with Ra's al Ghul- with Bruce adopting a new Batsuit in darker colours after his return to the role.

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Batman's physical appearance was revamped in The New Batman Adventures with his second major Batsuit's colors darker overall and the utility belt here uses pouches that is a very pale light brown.

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Batsuit's gloves have extended scallops and retractable claws, and his chest emblem was changed into a complete bat without the yellow ellipse.

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An extremely different variant of the Batsuit is featured in Batman Beyond which does away with the traditional individual articles of clothing and appears to be a simple black bodysuit with a bloodred chest emblem and the cowl covers the entire face: however, this version is a form-fitting "power suit" with cutting-edge technology, essentially an extension of the original Batman's utility belt's technology and gadgetry over the entire suit.

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The Justice Lord Batsuit did not use separate colors for the "underwear" portion, had a silver-gray utility belt, and the gauntlets had no scallops.

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Batsuit worn by Batman in Young Justice is largely similar to the ones seen in The New Batman Adventures, Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited, as well as the comic books prior to Batman Incorporated.

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In Batman: The Killing Joke, Batman's Batsuit resembles the one used in Batman: Year One and its comic counterpart.

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On several occasions in the live-action films, Bruce Wayne's appearance in this Batsuit template has been likened to that of "a giant bat", especially when his cape is spread wide in front of terrified criminals.

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In Batman Forever, the Batsuit is similar to the previous two films' costumes, except for the focus on a more anatomical design overall and a black utility belt instead of a yellow one.

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The "sonar" Batsuit was used by Christopher Nolan when auditioning actors for the lead role in Batman Begins, and was worn by Christian Bale and Cillian Murphy among others.

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Batman's Batsuit is changed in The Dark Knight due to Bruce Wayne's growing frustration over his overall lack of mobility .

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Batsuit has "sonar-vision", where signals emitted by mobile phones are converted into images in a similar way to echolocation, in which bats use sound to see.

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The Batsuit is made of a Kevlar-titanium weave, is highly durable, making it resistant to knives and low-caliber firearms, the cowl and neck area of the suit consists of fabric-coated titanium alloy plating, protecting his neck and head from blade injuries and small-caliber firearms .

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Second Batsuit was unveiled at ComicCon 2014, and unlike the first which is made of cloth, it is armored and features illuminated white eyes.

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In Justice League, the Batsuit has several additional pieces of armor, most notably on the arm and biceps.

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BatmanIn The Batman, the Batsuit is worn during Bruce's second year in his campaign as Batman.

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Also, the insides of the Batsuit's gauntlets have built-in retractable grappling guns that Batman can use instantly and have inbuilt winches that can support his weight as they pull him upward.

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Batsuit appears in the season finale of Titans, titled "Dick Grayson", in a dream world created by Trigon.

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In Batman: Arkham Asylum and its subsequent sequel Arkham City the Batsuit appears more akin to that of the cloth versions often seen in the comics.

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Batsuit's cape is similar to the one in the Nolanverse films which permits him to glide across vast distances.

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Batsuit's mask is a helmet that not only conceals his identity but features a heads-up display to keep track of his manned and unmanned forces throughout Gotham City.

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Batsuit wears a red urban warfare style camouflage and a low slung utility belt akin to that of paratroopers.

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