12 Facts About Young Justice


Young Justice is a fictional DC Comics superhero team consisting of teenaged heroes.

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Young Justice discovers and "adopts" the Super-Cycle, a sentient vehicle capable of flight from New Genesis which they come to rely as their primary means of transportation.

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Young Justice flees the state with her, placing the team in a legal predicament because they assisted him.

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Robin begrudgingly allows Young Justice to accept Lobo's help in this instance, primarily out of a desire for any chance of evening their odds for success.

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Young Justice develops an attraction for Empress; a mildly interested but mostly apathetic Anita obliges to go on a date with him at one point.

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Young Justice is joined by Robin, who decides to sever ties with the team out of hurt feelings inflicted by teammates that he feels no longer trust him.

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Young Justice is never shown divulging the information of her origin to her teammates, though she does supply them with her true name, Greta Hayes.

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All four series featuring Young Justice characters take part in the "World Without Young Justice" crossover in April 2002.

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Young Justice apparently came out of retirement in Final Crisis, joining Mas y Menos and Sparx in forming a Teen Titans spin-off known as the "League of Titans".

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Second, unrelated Young Justice title was launched by DC in 2011, set within the continuity of the Young Justice animated series.

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Young Justice is seen again during the end of the episode in which the now serious Titans successfully defeat the Hive Five.

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Additionally, selected Young Justice comics were reprinted as part of the "DC Comics Presents: Young Justice" series.

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