24 Facts About Teen Titans


Teen Titans are a fictional superhero team appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, frequently in eponymous monthly series.

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The original team later becomes known as the Titans when the members age out of their teenage years, while the Teen Titans name is continued by subsequent generations of young heroes.

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Significant early additions to the initial quartet of Teen Titans were Speedy, Aquagirl, Bumblebee, Hawk, Dove, Harlequin, and three non-costumed heroes: boxer Mal Duncan, psychic Lilith, and caveman Gnarrk.

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In 2016, DC used the Titans Hunt and DC Rebirth storylines to re-establish the group's original founding members and history, reuniting these classic heroes as the Titans, while introducing a new generation of Teen Titans led by Robin V with Aqualad II and Kid Flash III as the team's latest members alongside team mainstays Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy.

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Team's adversaries included Deathstroke the Terminator, a mercenary who takes a contract to kill the Teen Titans to fulfill a job his son had been unable to complete.

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Peterson saw the launch of Team Teen Titans, which featured a new genetically modified doppelganger of Terra and Donna Troy, who was depowered in the "Total Chaos" crossover.

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The series finale saw the return of Blackfire as an ally, as the Teen Titans purged Raven of evil in order to prevent Raven and the revived Citadel Empire from reconquering the Vega star system.

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New Teen Titans was widely thought of as DC's answer to the increasingly popular Uncanny X-Men from Marvel Comics, as both series featured all-new members and depicted young heroes from disparate backgrounds whose internal conflicts were as integral to the series as was their combat against villains.

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Plot had the New Teen Titans be forced by King Faraday to go after a mysterious mastermind who forces his victims to play deadly "games" for his amusement.

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Team Teen Titans were one of 100 groups sent back through time to prevent the birth of Lord Chaos, the son of Donna Troy and Terry Long.

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Teen Titans's inclusion failed to boost sales and the series was then cancelled.

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Series renewed interest in the Teen Titans, but drew sharp complaints due to shifts in the personalities of the various Young Justice characters.

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Under Geoff Johns, the Teen Titans were front and center during the build-up and events of the Infinite Crisis crossover.

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Changeling and Raven attempted to keep the Teen Titans going, resulting in a massive open call membership drive that saw a large number of heroes come and join the roster, which was anchored by Beast Boy and Raven.

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Robin and Wonder Girl eventually rejoined the Teen Titans and helped foil Bombshell's plan to frame Miss Martian as Deathstroke's latest mole in the team and allowed Raven to cleanse Jericho of the Azarathian corruption that had turned him evil.

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The Teen Titans fight the future, evil adult versions of the group and Clock King and the Terror Teen Titans, who are part of Darkseid's underground fight club for metahumans.

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Teen Titans's entered the main Teen Titans title following the crossover with the Red Robin series.

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The remainder of the issue consisted of pieces of artwork showcasing the various Teen Titans who appeared in that incarnation of the title, contributed by various DC artists.

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Second ongoing Teen Titans series, titled Titans, launched in April 2008 with a cover date of June 2008, written by Judd Winick.

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Teen Titans is under the control of the numerous people that he has taken command of over the years.

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The Teen Titans are nearly defeated, but manage to escape thanks to an intervention from the newly resurrected Isis.

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The series states that all memory of the original Teen Titans was erased by Lilith to protect the team from Mr Twister.

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June 2016 DC Rebirth relaunch established two Titans teams: the Titans, with Nightwing, The Flash, Lilith, Arsenal, Donna Troy, the Bumblebee and Tempest; and the Teen Titans, consisting of Damian Wayne as Robin, Wallace West as Kid Flash, Jackson Hyde as Aqualad, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven.

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Live action series entitled Teen Titans premiered in 2018 for DC Universe, developed and executive produced by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, and Sarah Schechter.

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