13 Facts About King Faraday


King Faraday is a fictional secret agent featured in DC Comics.

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King Faraday was named "King" by his father as a joke, a play on the phrase "King for a day".

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King Faraday has since been incorporated full-bore into the DC Universe as a member of the Central Bureau of Intelligence.

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King Faraday is working with Grifter to investigate alien and cross-dimensional spies on Earth.

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King Faraday possessed no superhuman abilities but was a trained espionage agent and an expert hand-to-hand fighter and marksman.

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King Faraday plays a prominent role in the alternate universe series DC: The New Frontier by Darwyn Cooke.

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King Faraday is a Chicago native who leads an effort to contain and corral the large amount of super-powered entities appearing including orchestrating "Project Flying Cloud" with Carol Ferris, Col.

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King Faraday uses various illegal methods, such as laying a trap for Barry Allen with a robotic Gorilla Grodd, even though he has not committed any crimes.

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King Faraday is killed in the last issue of the series while defending his friend from a psychic attack from The Centre.

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King Faraday appears in Smallville Season 11, based on the TV series.

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King Faraday is a Checkmate agent who looks after a female White Martian, and raises her as a daughter, naming her Megan Morse.

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King Faraday appears in the 1997 Tangent Comics one-shot Green Lantern.

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King Faraday is resurrected with the intention of completing his last mystery so he can return to the afterlife in peace.

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