13 Facts About Wonder Girl


Wonder Girl is the alias of multiple superheroines featured in comic books published by DC Comics.

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An original version of Wonder Girl named Drusilla appeared in the Wonder Woman television series, played by Debra Winger.

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Wonder Girl stoically accepts her fate as she and the others turn into drawings on Kanigher's desk.

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Reprints of Wonder Girl stories were occasionally included in the comic book.

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Unable to find any parents or family, Wonder Girl Woman brings the child to Paradise Island, where she is eventually given Amazon powers by the Purple Ray.

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The story ends with Wonder Girl wearing a new costume and hairstyle, adopting the secret identity Donna Troy.

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Wonder Girl's has been a member of both Young Justice and the Teen Titans.

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Wonder Girl's was mourning the loss of her lover, Superboy, and bitter from the abandonment by Robin and Wonder Woman over the following year.

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Wonder Girl's later rejoined the group after a battle with the Brotherhood of Evil and the return of Cyborg.

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Wonder Girl's is unaware of her Amazon heritage, but, responding to a prophecy, the Olympian Gods and the Amazons of Themiscyra, Bana-Mighdall, and a third tribe in the Amazon rainforest separately begin to converge on her location as she makes a trip from the US to Brazil, the country of her birth.

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Wonder Girl's finds a wounded Steve Trevor and takes him back to Paradise Island, but despite being subjected to the Purple Power Ray, he dies of his wounds, leaving Diana to raise their daughter, Stephanie, alone.

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Wonder Girl's shares a link with Supergirl, as they were born at the same time.

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Wonder Girl's is sent to spy on Conner after he is devastated by Superman's actions to see what he's up to, and finds him at the Fortress of Solitude trying to find the Phantom Zone Projector.

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