38 Facts About Superboy


Superboy is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in American comicbooks published by DC Comics.

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In 1993, a second Superboy was introduced, a young clone of Superman who was eventually given both the name Kon-El and the secret identity of Conner Kent.

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Superboy was the first superhero to star in a successful solo title after World War II.

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Whenever the Legionnaires traveled back in time, they were re-routed and traveled to the 20th century of the pocket universe; from birth until Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superboy's life was similar to the life of the original Clark Kent.

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Ultimately Superboy saved his Earth, but only at the cost of his own life.

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Superboy's dying act was to return the Legion to their century, where he was later buried.

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Superboy and the Ravers was an American comic book series that ran for 19 issues, from September 1996 to March 1998.

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Superboy becomes the costumed hero Superboy, the first superhero of Earth-One.

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Around the same time as his public debut, Superboy learns of his Kryptonian origin, and several weeks later, he gives reporter Perry White the exclusive story about his alien background.

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In Smallville, Superboy uses tunnels from the basement of the Kents' house and general store to make quick, concealed exits when Superboy is needed.

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Superboy maintains a secret lab in the basement of the Kent house, where he builds Superboy and Clark Kent robots to cover for him when he is busy elsewhere or otherwise unavailable.

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Not until Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad come into the past to recruit him for the thirtieth-century Legion of Super-Heroes does Superboy find a group of super-powered friends with whom he regularly interacts.

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Superboy becomes a core member of the Legion during two extended, full membership stints in the Legion, including two terms as Deputy Leader.

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One of the youths who becomes a member of the Legion is Lar Gand, a teenager whom Superboy first knows as Mon-El when he crash-lands on Earth in Superboy's era.

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The teenager, who has powers identical to Superboy, initially has amnesia, and because he carries a message from Jor-El, Superboy believes him to be his big brother and dubs him Mon-El.

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Superboy reveals that he is actually a Daxamite named Lar Gand, and for Daxamites, lead is more deadly than Kryptonite.

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Not long after he joins the Legion, Superboy's life is threatened when a Green Kryptonite meteor falls to Earth, but his life is saved by a Smallville farm boy named Lex Luthor, who happens to be a science prodigy.

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When Superboy puts out the fire, the antidote is destroyed, along with a protoplasmic life form that Lex created, and Lex loses all his hair.

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Lex blames Superboy for destroying his experiment and his hair loss, accusing the Boy of Steel of jealousy over his brilliance.

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Superboy soon acquires a small rogues gallery of recurring villains, including Lex.

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Superboy quickly befriends Clark Kent, and the two boys are soon best friends.

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Shortly after his graduation from high school, Superboy takes his adoptive parents on a holiday in the Caribbean where they contract a rare tropical disease.

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Superboy soon reveals himself as the new guardian of Metropolis, ending a national guessing game about which city Superboy would call his new home.

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Much as Superman would later do for Jimmy Olsen, Superboy gives Billy a supersonic whistle that he can use to call Superboy for help when needed.

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Superboy eventually proposes to her, but Lori reveals she already learned his identity telepathically.

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Superboy's rejects his proposal because she is a mermaid from Atlantis.

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Unlike previous characters bearing the name, this Superboy is a clone created to replace the seemingly dead Superman, rather than simply being an adolescent Clark Kent.

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Superboy learns that he is not a clone of Superman, but rather genetically engineered to be as Kryptonian as possible, although his genes originate from the human DNA of Paul Westfield, director of the government sector known as Project Cadmus that had created the Kid.

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Sometime before he joins the Teen Titans, Superboy learns that he had been actually created from the DNA of both Superman and a human.

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When Luthor unleashes Kon-El, Superboy comes close to destroying the Teen Titans, but he manages to free himself from Luthor's control before any tragedy occurs.

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Superboy starred in his own feature in the revival of Adventure Comics, which began publication in August 2009 .

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Several other versions of Superboy originating from different parts of the Multiverse have appeared in DC Comics.

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On Mogo, Superboy-Prime beats the Earth-Two Superman to death before he is defeated by Kal-El.

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One year later, Superboy is released from his prison by the newly formed Sinestro Corps and joins them, becoming one of their heralds and wearing a Sinestro Corps uniform beneath his Anti-Monitor inspired armor.

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Superboy was part of 1998's DC One Million crossover event and reappeared the following year in "Hypertension".

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Superboy character has been the subject of a legal battle between Time Warner, the owner of DC Comics, and the estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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Larson's ruling did not determine whether Superboy was such a unique character that the character enjoyed its own copyright protection.

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Superboy said it was up to future litigation to determine whether the differences between Superman and Superboy were trivial and did not create a copyrightable character.

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