127 Facts About Lex Luthor


Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Lex Luthor has since endured as the archnemesis of the superhero Superman.

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Lex Luthor was originally depicted as a narcissistic and egotistical mad scientist from the 1960s to the early 1980s.

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Lex Luthor is physically an ordinary human and has no natural superpowers, but has above-average intelligence, a genius for inventions and a high command of science and technology.

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Lex Luthor occasionally wears his Warsuit, a suit of mechanized armor that gives him enhanced strength, flight, advanced weaponry, and other capabilities.

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Lex Luthor is one of a few genre-crossing villains whose adventures take place "in a world in which the ordinary laws of nature are slightly suspended".

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Less than a year later however, an artistic mistake resulted in Lex Luthor being depicted as completely bald in a newspaper strip.

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Unwilling to hold himself responsible for the lab fire and the destruction of his own life's work, Lex Luthor decides that Superboy was jealous of his intellect and caused the fire himself.

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Golden Age version of Lex Luthor appears again as a villain still alive and well on Earth-Two.

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Lex Luthor is no longer recounted as having lost his hair in a chemical fire; rather, his hairline is shown to be receding naturally over time.

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Lex Luthor was in prison, but they couldn't put his mind in prison.

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Lex Luthor is shown making repeated attempts to court her during The Man of Steel, though Lois plainly does not return his feelings.

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Lex Luthor is shown originating in Suicide Slum, his intelligence outshining other children, fueling his ambition to have all Metropolis look up to him one day.

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Lex Luthor's baldness is never explained, save for a brief depiction of him with blond hair in childhood; it is assumed the hair loss was natural.

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Lex Luthor's parents die during his teenage years, however their deaths are indeed accidental.

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Superman: Birthright, a limited series written by Mark Waid in 2004, offers an alternate look at Lex Luthor's history, including his youth in Smallville, and his first encounter with Superman.

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Lex Luthor discovers kryptonite samples in Smallville and uses them as a power source for a machine he hopes will pierce space and time so he can communicate with Krypton.

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When Superman appears, Lex Luthor is angry at the powerful alien, the kind of companion he'd often hoped for, looks on him with disapproval and openly disrespects him in front of the media.

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Waid's original intention was to jettison the notion of Lex Luthor being an evil businessman, restoring his status as a mad scientist.

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Lex Luthor ultimately conceded that the CEO Luthor would be easier for readers to recognize.

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In Birthright, Luthor remains a wealthy corporate magnate; in contrast to Byrne's characterization LexCorp is founded upon Luthor's study of extraterrestrial life, thereby providing a link between him and Superman.

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My concern is that, at least in my eyes, the fact that Lex Luthor's allowed to operate uncontested for years makes Superman look ineffectual.

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Resentful toward his alcoholic and abusive father, Lex Luthor arranges his parents to die in a car accident and uses the insurance money to leave Smallville and start a better life.

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Whether he is a mad scientist, corrupt businessman, or both, Lex Luthor's ego is a defining trait in all his incarnations; he believes he is entitled to both popularity and power.

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Lex Luthor's other defining trait is his obsession to destroy Superman and humiliate the alien hero, either by displaying his own superiority by achieving victory without the benefit of superpowers or to prove the Man of Steel is motivated by selfish desire rather than altruism.

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Many times, Lex Luthor has claimed he could create a better way of life for the entire human race if not for Superman's interference with his work; he has even argued that the Man of Tomorrow's presence not only invites danger, it actually encourages human society not to strive for greatness because a powerful alien is around to protect them and solve problems.

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When Superman was out of sight for a year, Lex Luthor used the time to create the "Everyman" project intending to create new superheroes to replace the Kryptonian, then later attacks Metropolis with a long-buried Kryptonian warship.

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At times, Lex Luthor has been shown evidence that Clark Kent is Superman and almost always he denies this possibility, unable to imagine a man of such power spending half his time pretending to be average since in his mind, such a possibility would be too humiliating to bear.

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In stories appearing in JLA and 52 by Grant Morrison, Luthor cannot bring himself to believe Superman is truly altruistic and deeply cares about a planet that is not his native world, concluding the hero's good deeds are often actually passive-aggressive ways of flaunting his power and popularity to Lex.

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Teenage Lex Luthor is an aspiring scientist who resides in Smallville and greatly admires its local hero Superboy.

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Lex Luthor creates grandiose engineering projects to prove his superiority over the superhero, but each one fails and causes problems that Superboy then solves.

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Lex Luthor then makes his first attempt to murder the Last Son of Krypton and fails.

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When Lex Luthor becomes a criminal, the family moves away from Smallville and changes its name to Thorul to start a new life free of him.

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Lex Luthor is repeatedly imprisoned, but his genius allows him to routinely escape.

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Lex Luthor makes it a point to be out of prison on the birthday of Albert Einstein, regarding it as a holiday.

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Lex Luthor spends the next several weeks with his new family before discovering Lexor suffers from the same planetary instability that destroyed Krypton.

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When Superman arrives, Lex Luthor dons his warsuit and attacks, now obsessed with the need to best the hero in combat and prove his superiority.

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Alexei Luthor is present and complains this army does not need two Luthors; Brainiac kills Alexei in response.

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Lex Luthor is subsequently returned to prison with all his memories of the Crisis forgotten.

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Lex Luthor finds Brainiac's robotic head, hoping to revive the villain for a new team-up.

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Lex Luthor later begs a superpowered Lana Lang to kill him, who does so.

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Lex Luthor marries and divorces several times and desires a romance with Lois Lane.

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When Superman appears, Lex Luthor takes advantage of a terrorist attack to see the hero in action and then attempts to make him an employee.

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Humiliated, Lex Luthor swears revenge, repeatedly letting Superman know about his criminal schemes but never leaving him enough evidence to bring the man to justice again.

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Lex Luthor becomes obsessed with Superman and gathers all information on him and his associates, leading a computer analysis to conclude Clark Kent and Superman are the same person.

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Unable to believe someone as powerful as Superman regularly hide that power and pretend to be average, as that is something he would never do himself, Lex Luthor dismisses the computer's findings and concludes both the machine and its programmer are at fault.

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Lex Luthor wears the radioactive ore around his finger as a symbol that he is untouchable, causing the Man of Tomorrow pain and weakness whenever he approaches.

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Lex Luthor had his right hand amputated to prevent the cancer's spread, and not long afterwards, said kryptonite ring would be stolen.

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Lex Luthor quickly manipulates and recruits the new Supergirl, who falls in love with him due to his resemblance to her lost love and creator, the Luthor of a parallel Earth.

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Not believing in the existence of souls, Lex Luthor agrees and is restored, regaining the physical fitness of his Lex Luthor II body but again lacking head and facial hair, and is physically approximately in his true age.

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Lex Luthor's soul is later restored after Neron is defeated by Captain Marvel and the Trickster.

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Lex Luthor later arranges to reacquire his old kryptonite ring.

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When Superman and others form a new, powerful version of the Justice League of America, Lex Luthor decides this is Superman's direct challenge to his own power, so he creates a new Injustice Gang in response.

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Superman, upon learning that Lex Luthor was about to be elected President, flew off in a fit of rage and split one of Saturn's small moons in half with one fly through.

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Lex Luthor's popularity is assisted by the extreme unpopularity of the previous administration's mishandling of the Gotham City earthquake crisis, and his own seemingly heroic efforts to rebuild Gotham before it rejoins the United States.

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Batman learns Lex Luthor attempted to take control of Gotham by forging deeds for its lands in his own name.

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Lex Luthor is warned of the impending attack beforehand but alerts no one so Earth can enter a great war and he can prove his leadership to the world.

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Possibly abused by his father Lionel, and alienated from others by his intelligence and his ignorance of certain social cues and behaviors, Lex Luthor only finds friendship with Clark, impressed by the young man's knowledge though finding him naive.

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Lex Luthor discovers kryptonite meteors in Smallville and uses the radioactive mineral as a power source for his experiments.

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The machine then explodes and Lex Luthor survives but loses his hair as a result of radiation.

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When Superman appears in Metropolis, Lex is angered the man won't bow to his control and takes it very personally that a powerful alien, the kind of companion Luthor had often hoped for and believed would see him as a peer, instead looks on him with disapproval and moral judgment.

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Lex Luthor has been secretly injecting himself with a new version of the "super-steroid" Venom mixed with liquified synthetic kryptonite of his own design.

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Lex Luthor offers a billion-dollar reward for the Last Son of Krypton's capture.

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Lex Luthor convinces the public that it was not him who committed crimes and fled the White House but rather this man, a Luthor from a parallel Earth who masqueraded as him.

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Lex Luthor creates the Luthoran Church and becomes spokesman for the Everyman Project, which offers superpowers to ordinary citizens through artificial metagene treatment.

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One year after the events of "Infinite Crisis", weeks after the New Year's Eve Massacre, Lex Luthor is cleared of all criminal charges in the "One Year Later" storyline.

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Lex Luthor blames Clark Kent for swaying public opinion and pledges vengeance on Metropolis after an angry mob jeers him.

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Amassing large quantities of kryptonite and kidnapping the super-villains Metallo and the Kryptonite Man, Lex Luthor uses them to power a Kryptonian warship controlled through a "sunstone" crystal.

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Lex Luthor continues his open campaigns against Superman and Earth's heroes, working with Bizarro, a new Revenge Squad, and the Kryptonian General Zod.

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Lex Luthor plays a large role in the Countdown to Final Crisis tie-in series Salvation Run.

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Lex Luthor is opposed by those who join forces with Joker and Gorilla Grodd.

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Lex Luthor manages to get the villains off the planet with a makeshift teleporter, using the villains Neutron, Heatmonger, Plasmus, Warp, and Thunder and Lightning as unwilling power sources.

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Lex Luthor is then tasked with studying the genetic potential of the seemingly dead body of Doomsday.

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Lex Luthor later manages to use Brainiac's ship to kill the soldiers assigned to watch him.

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Lex Luthor then informs Superboy that so long as Superman is alive, he will never reveal how he helped Lena.

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Since Earth is at war with New Krypton at the time, Lex Luthor is praised for this action and receives a presidential pardon for all his past crimes.

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Lex Luthor arrives at Coast City and joins the battle against the Black Lantern Corps, fighting Black Lantern versions of Superman and Superboy.

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Lex Luthor is quickly overwhelmed by his greed and sets out to steal the rings of his fellow inducted Lanterns, taking Scarecrow's yellow fear-powered ring before being held back.

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Still craving the power of the orange light, Lex Luthor recovers and operates on the remains of Black Lanterns.

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Lex Luthor is visited by Larfleeze, who demands to know what is important to the people of Earth.

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Lex Luthor now grows up in Smallville with his younger sister Lena and abusive, alcoholic father.

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Lex Luthor meets Clark Kent on a few occasions but is defensive and insulted when he realizes Clark desires a friendship.

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Lex Luthor begins a quest for vengeance, aiding in the origins of Parasite and Metallo.

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Lex Luthor's quest involves a conversation with Death herself and finally leads him to face a powerful and deadly entity released from the Phantom Zone.

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Lex Luthor infuses himself with Kryptonian technology and grapples with the creature.

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Lex Luthor is enraged by how this upbringing and emotional nature clashes with his own motivations, unhappy childhood and anger towards his own father.

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Superman appeals to Lex Luthor to make this a reality, thus giving the universe a gift and achieving something beyond the Man of Steel's abilities.

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Unwilling to create a universe of bliss when it would mean Superman would be rewarded instead of suffering, Lex Luthor loses his connection to the entity and its power, as well as his memory of everything he learned merged with it.

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When Superman appears in Metropolis and clashes with local authorities, Lex Luthor works with the military to bring in the superhuman being, arguing that alien vigilante is an inherent threat since history has shown that introducing new life forms into other environments often causes the local environment to destabilize and suffer.

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Unknown to the U S military, Lex Luthor has been in contact with the "Collector of Worlds" and makes a deal with the alien, who wishes to collect specimens from Earth for his collection of inhabitants and artifacts from different planets.

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Lex Luthor is later instrumental in the creation of the New 52 version of the Kryptonite Man, known in this world primarily as the K-Man.

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Lex Luthor is arrested and imprisoned in a special U S government prison.

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Superman consults Lex Luthor for help, but the villain cannot believe that someone as powerful as Superman would pretend to be someone as ordinary as Clark Kent.

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Lex Luthor decides that Superman's loss of power is a convenient lie to hide the fact that Clark Kent is not really the Man of Steel, that he is only dressing like him and has found a way to acquire limited powers of his own.

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Lex Luthor asks Clark to tell him the truth of why he and Superman are lying to the world, but the Man of Steel has no answers for him.

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Lex Luthor is confronted by the Pre-Flashpoint version of Superman, who refuses to believe Luthor's intentions are noble.

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Lex Luthor later provides Lois Lane with footage of the Justice Society of America, who in the new canon were not the publicly known superheroes of World War II, but were clandestine heroes whose existence was largely denied.

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Doomsday Clock ends with Lex Luthor considering utilizing and improving Veidt's methods for his own personal use.

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Lex Luthor's childhood is fleshed our further in the pages of Justice League.

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Lex Luthor comes to hate his father and only feels family love for his sister Lena, who is increasingly ill and whom he wishes to help.

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Lex Luthor then discovers he was an unwitting party to a conspiracy against Lena masterminded by his own cellmate "Sam", who wanted revenge against Colby.

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Pre-Crisis Luthor has a niece named Nasthalthia Luthor, the child of an older unnamed sister of Lex's who had run away and eloped in Europe when she was a teenager.

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Lex Luthor's is accidentally killed by their foster father when she refuses to try to trick Lex out of his inheritance.

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Unlike the Pre-Crisis version, Lena is well aware of her history with Lex Luthor, having grown up alongside him, with only an abusive father.

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Lex Luthor's has no empathic abilities, and is a paraplegic with a teenaged daughter, Lori, both of whom still live in Smallville.

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Unlike his Pre-Crisis version, Lex Luthor has little love for his sister, having abandoned her with an unnamed aunt after their father dies of a heart attack.

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Lex Luthor even goes so far as to cure Lena's illness, and then immediately undoes the process, leaving her completely catatonic, solely to make a mocking point to Superboy and Superman.

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Post-Crisis Lex Luthor has been married eight times, though the first seven marriages occurred off-panel in Luthor's past.

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Lex Luthor's response is to imprison her while she is drugged during childbirth, keeping her in a permanently unconscious state.

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The story details how Lex Luthor was sent to live with a foster family following the sabotage of his parents' car.

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Lex Luthor is absent from the home at the time of the murder, having been talked into going to a football game by his schoolmate Perry White.

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Lex Luthor has shown an unusual level of compassion for Conner Kent, a hybrid clone created from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor himself.

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When Brainiac accuses him of showing paternal feelings for Conner though, Lex Luthor denies it, saying that he only wants his property back, and has no fatherly feelings towards Superboy.

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Lex Luthor is reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps where he is amongst its members that try to attack Lex Luthor.

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Lex Luthor had a pseudo-romantic relationship with the "Loisbot", and regularly slept with it.

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Lex Luthor has the physical capabilities of a normal adult human with no metahuman abilities.

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Lex Luthor possesses an eidetic memory and has mastered seemingly every known form of science, including space travel, extra-dimensional travel, biochemistry, robotics, computers, synthetic polymers, communications, mutations, transportation, holography, energy generation, spectral analysis, and time travel.

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Lex Luthor has been occasionally trained by the Amazons of Themyscira.

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Lex Luthor has made liberal use of kryptonite weapons capable of injuring Superman and other Kryptonians, and he has often created synthetic kryptonite .

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When he temporarily attempts to act as a hero and works alongside the Justice League, Lex Luthor uses a similar warsuit with non-lethal weaponry and no kryptonite-based features.

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Lex Luthor often wore a kryptonite ring on his right hand in Post-Crisis stories, but abandoned this tactic after prolonged exposure to its radiation resulted in cancer, requiring him to transplant his brain into a cloned body to survive.

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Lex Luthor is the sworn enemy of Ultraman, the self-appointed ruler and "protector" of Metropolis, and one of the few people with the courage to defy him directly.

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Lex Luthor is depicted as well intentioned and compassionate but largely ineffectual.

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Lex Luthor is horrified when Earth-3's evil metahumans are hailed as heroes for defeating the invading Starros.

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Lex Luthor has teamed up with Brainiac and controls the U S government using a hologram known as "President Rickard" as a figurehead.

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Lex Luthor has blackmailed Superman, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel into doing the government's bidding by holding their loved ones hostage.

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Lex Luthor is eventually killed by the son of Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

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