45 Facts About Hawkgirl


Hawkgirl is the name of several superheroines appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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One of DC's earliest super-heroines, Hawkgirl has appeared in many of the company's flagship team-up titles including Justice Society of America and Justice League of America.

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Several incarnations of Hawkgirl have appeared in DC Comics, all of them characterized by the use of archaic weaponry and artificial wings, attached to a harness made from the special Nth metal that allows flight.

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Since DC's continuity was rewritten in the 1985 series Crisis on Infinite Earths, Hawkgirl's history has become muddled with several new versions of the character appearing throughout the years, some associated with ancient Egypt and some with the fictional planet Thanagar.

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Hawkgirl has been adapted into various media, including direct-to-video animated films, video games, and both live-action and animated television series, featuring as a main or recurring character in the shows Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, The Flash, Arrow, Young Justice, DC Super Hero Girls and Legends of Tomorrow.

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The Silver Age versions of Hawkman and Hawkgirl became married Thanagarian police officers from the planet Thanagar who come to Earth in order to study police techniques.

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Silver Age Hawkgirl is introduced as Shayera Hol, who appears in costume as of her first appearance.

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Shortly after Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC decided that having the Justice Society on the same Earth as all of the other superheroes was redundant and most of the team, including Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl were given a sendoff in the Last Days of the Justice Society one-shot.

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The Golden Age Hawkgirl is eventually returned from Limbo, but during the Zero Hour miniseries she is merged with Katar Hol and Golden Age Hawkman into a new persona.

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New Hawkgirl was introduced as part of the 1999 revival of the JSA monthly title.

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The new Hawkgirl is Kendra Saunders, granddaughter of the Golden Age Hawkgirl's cousin, Speed Saunders.

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Hawkgirl would continue to appear regularly in the monthly JSA series and later in the Hawkman monthly.

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Golden Age Hawkgirl was Shiera Sanders Hall, the reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara, and partner of Carter Hall, the Golden Age Hawkman.

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Hawkgirl owes her powers to a belt of Nth metal, a substance native to the planet Thanagar .

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Hawkgirl's possesses shooting skills from her times as the gunfighter, Cinnamon.

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Hawkgirl carries a mace made of Nth metal, which can generate electric currents and repel magical energies, her mace is highly effective against magic, as shown when Hawkgirl defeated Doctor Fate, a powerful magician of the DC Universe.

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Hawkgirl is skilled at wielding and throwing the mace accurately.

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Hawkgirl's has creatively used the mace as a shield to deflect incoming projectiles as well as a makeshift defibrillator unit.

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Hawkgirl is fluent in many Earth languages, through the use of the Absorbascon.

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Hawkgirl's speculates that this is due to her prolonged exposure to the substance.

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Later, Hawkgirl is seen aiding Artemis in her attempt to kill the Resistance movement member, Lois Lane.

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Hawkgirl's became an archaeologist and her work caught the eye of Hans Garber.

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Hawkgirl informed her of the Zambesi Amulets and the power that they possessed.

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Hawkgirl discovered her true Thanagarian origins while fighting against Baroness Paula von Gunther.

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Hawkgirl's first appears to answer Wonder Woman's call for heroes at the Watchtower.

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Hawkgirl next appears to help Wonder Woman battle the attacking Atlanteans and Aquaman.

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Hawkgirl's is the first to realize there is something behind the wave.

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Hawkgirl is ensnared by one of the Kraken's tentacles and dragged underwater, slowly drowning while Wonder Woman struggles to save her.

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Hawkgirl removes the leader of a country from his limousine during a parade before she loses him to Captain Atom.

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Collapsed, Hawkgirl sees Black Lightning and Huntress before the latter knocks her unconscious with an arrow bolt.

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Hawkgirl is later seen being held in a cell in the Batcave, glaring at Batman and Catwoman as they discuss the League's reaction to her kidnapping.

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The true Hawkgirl has remained trapped within the Batcave while her imposter has been revealed as the Martian Manhunter, shape-shifted into her form.

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Hawkgirl goes to the Hall of Justice to question Lex Luthor over whether Sinestro truly willingly gave up his ring and powers before allowing himself to be imprisoned.

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Shortly after, Hawkgirl is defeated, her Nth Metal mace taken by Green Lantern Tomar-Re, and her unconscious body trapped in a bubble construct alongside Shazam.

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Hawkgirl's is shown wanting to return home to Thanagar while Katar has grown accustomed to life on Earth.

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Shayera Hol is featured in the comic, this version of Hawkgirl is really similar to the one introduced in the television show, as the comics serves as a spin-off of the series, with Hawkgirl being one of the founding members of the Justice League.

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In JLA: The Nail and JLA: Another Nail, Hawkgirl is a member of a Justice League, and remains so even after her husband's death by Amazo, although the team faces anti-alien prejudice and suspicion.

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Hawkgirl's briefly contemplates abandoning Earth when anti-alien propaganda leads to a museum exhibit dedicated to Hawkman being vandalized, but when she returns to save two children from a burning building, her faith in humanity is restored when a group of civilians stand between her and government officials attempting to bring her in as an alien, the family she saved affirming that they still see Hawkman and her as heroes.

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Hawkgirl's has forgiven Oliver Queen after he admits feeling responsible for getting Katar killed, Queen believing that his attempts to prove himself caused Hawkman to put himself in danger to project the more vulnerable Oliver.

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Hawkgirl is featured in The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold comics.

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Hawkgirl's is shown using the Lady Blackhawk costume and the alias Kendra Blackhawk.

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Hawkgirl was chosen for one of the seven features in the one-shot comic book.

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Hawkgirl's is from Thanagar, her mace vibrates like a smartphone when Nth-Metal Thanagarian weapons are near and she has a secret Hawkroom.

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Hawkgirl appears as Shiera Hall in the continuation series to DC Comics Bombshells, Bombshells: United set in the United States in 1943.

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Hawkgirl is later featured fighting against the Apokolips invasion on Earth.

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