24 Facts About Doctor Fate


The character has appeared in various incarnations, with Doctor Fate being the name of several different individuals in the DC Universe who are a succession of sorcerers with several attempts to revitalize the character.

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Doctor Fate character has appeared in various incarnations across multiple forms of media based on both comic and original characters; The Kent Nelson incarnation has appeared in several media, such as the television series Smallville, in which he is portrayed by Brent Stait, and the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Black Adam, in which he will be portrayed by Pierce Brosnan.

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Doctor Fate appeared in several issues of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, after which Doctor Fate briefly joined the Justice League.

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In 1987, Doctor Fate mini-series was released soon afterward, featuring the debut of Eric and Linda Strauss, who would replace the character Kent Nelson as Doctor Fate after being seemingly killed off by the antagonist of the book.

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The Doctor Fate character went through a radical redesign, dropping the "Doctor" title and gaining new weapons made from the previous related artifacts of Dcotor Fate.

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The character then starred in The Book of Doctor Fate written by Keith Giffen, which ran from February 1997 to January 1998 for twelve issues as part of DC's "Weirdoverse" imprint, rebooting the character's origins and adventures.

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In 2021, Khalid Nassour would appear in major storylines such as the Justice League Dark's "The Great Wickedness" storyline, depicting a status quo change in which the Helm of Doctor Fate is damaged from a previous battle with the villain, Upside-Down Man, and is inhabited by a new entity.

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Original Doctor Fate, Kent Nelson is a Swedish-American who discovered the tomb of Nabu with his father.

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Doctor Fate was a founding member of the Justice Society of America.

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Doctor Fate retains his original origin from the previous continuity and some of his earlier adventures.

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Doctor Fate would come to find his apprentice and successor in the form of his great nephew, Khalid Nassour, who was chosen by Nabu's allies, the Egyptian Gods, to become Doctor Fate.

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Doctor Fate possessed a special connection to his step-mother Linda due to the both of them being selected as future agents of order.

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Doctor Fate's would come to care for Eric Strauss, possessing a special connection with him due to being unknowingly selected as an agent of order.

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Doctor Fate's eventually becomes Doctor Fate, often working alongside Eric in tandem while being guided by Nabu, whom possessed Kent Nelson's body, and are assisted by a friendly demon name Petey and Lawyer, Jack C Small.

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Inza and Doctor Fate meet, the woman enamoured with a life potentially filled with adventure and would accompany Doctor Fate as his partner.

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Doctor Fate's appearance implies he was involved as an incarnation of Doctor Fate after the New 52 reboot although the exact history has yet to be explained.

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Kent V Nelson possess the typical powers of Doctor Fate, allowing him to cast spells and perform various magical abilities through the Helm of Fate.

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Unlike the other incarnations, the character's designation as Doctor Fate comes from both a cultural connection to Egyptian deities and a religious connection to Archangels instead of Nabu.

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Nabu's relationship with his Doctor Fate hosts is characterized differently between each incarnations, having been depicted as a overbearing figure whose dedication to his goal makes him willing to supplanting the will of his hosts.

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Doctor Fate has bee depicted as a insightful but cryptic and vague mentor.

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Inza Cramer's version of Doctor Fate was later revealed to be powered by a Lord of Chaos simply known as "Chaos".

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Some time after the Helmet of Doctor Fate having been damaged during a battle with the entity referred to as the Upside-Down Man, the Helmet of Doctor Fate lost much of it's power for a time although it mysteriously gained newer abilities.

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Mister E revealed that in the past, he attempted to kill Doctor Fate and destroy the helmet but was stopped by the Justice League.

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Doctor Fate is swiftly killed by the Queen of Fables and escapes the Chaos Realm.

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