74 Facts About Pierce Brosnan


Pierce Brendan Brosnan is an Irish actor and film producer.


Pierce Brosnan is best known as the fifth actor to play secret agent James Bond in the Bond film series, starring in four films from 1995 to 2002 and in multiple video games.


Pierce Brosnan has received two Golden Globe Award nominations, for the miniseries Nancy Astor and for the dark comedy film The Matador.


Pierce Brosnan is known for his charitable work and environmental activism.


In 1997, Pierce Brosnan received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contributions to the film industry.


Pierce Brosnan was born on 16 May 1953 in Drogheda, County Louth, the only child of May and carpenter Thomas Pierce Brosnan.


Pierce Brosnan has the same name as his grandfather, Pierce Brosnan, who in turn was named after his parents' surnames: John Brosnan and Margaret Pierce.


Pierce Brosnan's father abandoned the family when Brosnan was an infant.


Pierce Brosnan took the bold steps to go away and be a nurse in England.


Pierce Brosnan was brought up in a Catholic family, and educated in a local school run by the De La Salle Brothers while serving as an altar boy.


Pierce Brosnan left Ireland on 12 August 1964 and went to Scotland to be reunited with his mother and her new husband, William Carmichael, at their home in Longniddry.


Pierce Brosnan trained for three years as an actor at the Drama Centre London.


Pierce Brosnan's performance caused a stir in London and Brosnan still has the telegram sent by Williams, stating only "Thank God for you, my dear boy".


Pierce Brosnan continued his career making brief appearances in films such as The Long Good Friday and The Mirror Crack'd, as well as early television performances in The Professionals, Murphy's Stroke, and Play for Today.


Pierce Brosnan became a television star in the United States with his leading role in the popular miniseries Manions of America.


Pierce Brosnan followed this in 1982 with the BBC's nine-part miniseries Nancy Astor that dramatised the life of Lady Astor, the first woman to sit in the British Parliament.


In 1982, Pierce Brosnan moved to Southern California and rose in popularity in the United States playing the title role in the NBC romantic, often-comedic detective series Remington Steele.


Pierce Brosnan appeared in several television films, including Victim of Love, Death Train and Night Watch, a spy thriller set in Hong Kong.


In 2003, Pierce Brosnan was rewarded the Irish Film and Television Academy Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to Irish Film.


On 7 June 1994, Pierce Brosnan was announced as the fifth actor to play Bond.


Pierce Brosnan was signed for a three-film Bond deal with the option of a fourth.


In 1996, Pierce Brosnan formed a film production company called Irish DreamTime along with producing partner and longtime friend Beau St Clair.


Pierce Brosnan returned in 1997's Tomorrow Never Dies and 1999's The World Is Not Enough, which were successful.


In 2002, Pierce Brosnan appeared for the fourth time as Bond in Die Another Day, receiving mixed reviews similarly to the former two, but was a success at the box office.


Pierce Brosnan kept in mind that both fans and critics were very unhappy with Roger Moore playing the role until the age of 57, but he was receiving popular support from both critics and the franchise fanbase for a fifth instalment.


In October 2004, Pierce Brosnan said he considered himself dismissed from the role.


In 2002, Pierce Brosnan's likeness was used as the face of Bond in the James Bond video game 007: Nightfire.


In 2004, Pierce Brosnan starred in the Bond game James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing, contracting for his likeness to be used as well as doing the voice-work for the character.


Pierce Brosnan starred along with Jamie Lee Curtis and Geoffrey Rush in The Tailor of Panama in 2001, and lent his voice to The Simpsons episode "Treehouse of Horror XII" as a machine.


Since 2004, Pierce Brosnan has talked of backing a film about Caitlin Macnamara, wife of poet Dylan Thomas, the title role to be played by Miranda Richardson.


Pierce Brosnan starred as Julian Noble, a jaded, neurotic assassin who meets a travelling salesman in a Mexican bar.


Pierce Brosnan was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, but lost to Joaquin Phoenix for Walk the Line.


In 2006, Pierce Brosnan narrated The Official Film of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, directed by Michael Apted.


In 2007, Pierce Brosnan appeared in the film Seraphim Falls alongside fellow Irishman Liam Neeson.


In that same year Pierce Brosnan starred as Tom Ryan in Butterfly on a Wheel.


Pierce Brosnan played Sam Carmichael, one of three men believed to be the father of Sophie, while Streep played Sophie's mother.


Pierce Brosnan's singing in the film was generally disparaged by critics, with his singing compared in separate reviews to the sound of a water buffalo, a donkey, and a wounded raccoon.


Pierce Brosnan was originally set to narrate for both US and UK from Series 12 to Series 14, but withdrew from it for unknown reasons.


In 2009, Pierce Brosnan finished the well-received The Ghost Writer, playing a disgraced British Prime Minister, directed and produced by Roman Polanski.


In 2012, Pierce Brosnan played the role of Philip in the Danish romantic comedy Love Is All You Need.


In February 2013, Pierce Brosnan was awarded honorary patronage of Dublin University Players at Trinity College Dublin.


Pierce Brosnan starred opposite Owen Wilson in No Escape, playing a "heroic government agent".


Pierce Brosnan was slated to star in Last Man Out, a crime film adapted from Stuart Neville's novel titled The Twelve by Craig Ferguson and Ted Mulkerin, with director Terry Loan at the helm.


However, it never came to fruition after years in development, and Pierce Brosnan is no longer attached to the production.


In 2013, Pierce Brosnan appeared in television commercials as a tongue in cheek version of himself to promote the launch of Sky Broadband in Ireland.


In 2005, Pierce Brosnan was reported to be starring in The November Man, an adaptation of Bill Granger's novel, There Are No Spies.


Pierce Brosnan replaced actor Sam Neill in the role of Eli McCullough in a television adaptation of Philipp Meyer's novel The Son, with Kevin Murphy serving as both executive producer and showrunner of the series, which began production in June 2016, and aired for two seasons from 2017 to 2019.


In 2017, Pierce Brosnan starred in The Foreigner, opposite Jackie Chan, as a former IRA man turned government official, Liam Hennessy.


In 2018, Pierce Brosnan co-starred with Guy Pearce and Minnie Driver in a mystery thriller film called Spinning Man, based on George Harrar's novel of the same name.


Pierce Brosnan had a supporting role in the action thriller headlined by Dave Bautista in Final Score.


In 2021, Pierce Brosnan executive produced and starred in the heist caper entitled The Misfits directed by Renny Harlin from a screenplay by Robert Henry and Kurt Wimmer.


Pierce Brosnan appeared in A24's horror film False Positive opposite Ilana Glazer, who co-wrote and co-produced it, as well.


In 2022, Brosnan starred as King Louis XIV in the family adventure film The King's Daughter based on the 1997 novel The Moon and the Sun by Vonda N McIntyre.


Pierce Brosnan was touted to star opposite Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy in a film based on the events of The Maze Prison Escape, titled H-Block with Jim Sheridan at the helm.


Alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Vanessa Redgrave, Pierce Brosnan is set to appear in a historical period piece based on a novel by Jonathan Miles, entitled The Wreck of The Medusa, set against the backdrop of the early 19th century during King Louis XVIII's reign in France, with the film to be directed by Peter Webber.


In July 2017, a rumour surfaced that Pierce Brosnan was linked to an upcoming video game entitled Shadow Stalkers, a project led by ZOOM Platform.


At Star Wars Celebration 2019 in Chicago, a mural was revealed showing an artist's rendering of Grand Admiral Thrawn with a strong resemblance to Pierce Brosnan, fuelling speculation about an upcoming role in the Star Wars franchise.


Pierce Brosnan has been an Ambassador for UNICEF Ireland since 2001 and recorded a special announcement to mark the launch of UNICEF's "Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS" Campaign with Liam Neeson.


Pierce Brosnan supported John Kerry in the 2004 presidential election and is a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage.


Pierce Brosnan first became aware of the nuclear arms race in 1962, at the age of nine, when worldwide condemnation of US nuclear testing in Nevada made international headlines.


Pierce Brosnan boycotted the French premiere of GoldenEye in support of Greenpeace's protest against the French nuclear testing program.


On 7 July 2007, Pierce Brosnan presented a film at Live Earth in London; he recorded a television advertisement for the cause.


Pierce Brosnan is listed as a member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's Board of Advisors.


Pierce Brosnan raises money for charitable causes through sales of his paintings.


In 2021, Pierce Brosnan launched his first-ever NFT collection of digital artworks "Big Noise" - on a digital platform focusing on artist empowerment, sustainability and technical innovation - inspired by his painting "Earplugs" which he painted while filming the James Bond film GoldenEye, incorporating abstract movement, self-recorded sound elements, including his voice, and bespoke visuals.


Pierce Brosnan has married twice, having been widowed once, and has five children and four grandchildren.


Pierce Brosnan met Australian actress Cassandra Harris through her stepson David Harris, the nephew of Richard Harris, shortly after leaving drama school.


Early in their relationship, Pierce Brosnan worked in West End plays and television films.


Pierce Brosnan was regretful that they met under such public circumstances and wished for a more private arrangement.


Pierce Brosnan was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died on 28 December 1991 at age 43.


Pierce Brosnan's adopted daughter Charlotte died of ovarian cancer, on 28 June 2013.


In 1994, Pierce Brosnan met American journalist Keely Shaye Smith in Mexico.


Pierce Brosnan has expressed contempt for his Christian Brothers education, but commented in 2013,.


Pierce Brosnan attends Mass but adheres to other spiritual beliefs, stating in 2008 that he loves "the teachings of Buddhist philosophy", which he referred to as his "own private faith".