8 Facts About Geoffrey Rush

1. In 2013, Geoffrey Rush appeared alongside Jim Sturgess in The Best Offer and the film version of the best-selling novel The Book Thief.

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2. In August 2011, Geoffrey Rush was appointed the foundation president of the newly formed Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

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3. In 2011, Geoffrey Rush made a cameo in a commercial, The Potato Peeler, for the Melbourne International Film Festival, playing a Polish farmer.

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4. In the beginning of 2009, Geoffrey Rush appeared in a series of special edition postage stamps featuring some of Australia's internationally recognised actors.

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5. In 1999, Geoffrey Rush took the lead role as Steven Price in the horror film House on Haunted Hill.

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6. In 2011, Geoffrey Rush played the lead in a theatrical adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's short story The Diary of a Madman at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

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7. In September 1998, Geoffrey Rush played the title role in the Beaumarchais play The Marriage of Figaro for the QTC.

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8. In 1975, Geoffrey Rush went to Paris for two years and studied mime, movement and theatre at L'Ecole Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, before returning to resume his stage career with QTC.

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