44 Facts About Cate Blanchett

1. Cate Blanchett will be an activist antifeminista real in the mini-series Mrs America.

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2. Cate Blanchett is tackling the terrifying Kaa, a huge python.

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3. Cate Blanchett is a surprise from the moment she shows up.

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4. Cate Blanchett was awarded the Centenary Medal for Service to Australian Society by the Australian government.

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5. Cate Blanchett was appointed Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Minister of Culture in 2012, in recognition of her significant contributions to the arts.

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6. In 2009, Cate Blanchett appeared in a series of commemorative postage stamps called Australian Legends, in recognition of the outstanding contribution made to Australian entertainment and culture.

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7. Cate Blanchett was the recipient of the AACTA Longford Lyell Award for her "outstanding contribution to the enrichment of Australia's screen environment and culture.

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8. In 2015, Cate Blanchett was honoured at the Museum of Modern Art's Film Benefit for her outstanding contributions to the industry.

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9. Cate Blanchett is only the third actress, after Jessica Lange and Meryl Streep, to win Best Actress after winning Best Supporting Actress.

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10. As of 2017, Cate Blanchett's films have grossed more than $10 billion at the worldwide box-office.

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11. Cate Blanchett has appeared in over 50 films and over 20 theatre productions.

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12. Cate Blanchett spoke at former Prime Minister of Australia Gough Whitlam's state funeral in 2014, and at the Margaret Whitlam dinner and fundraiser event hosted by Tanya Plibersek MP in June 2015.

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13. Cate Blanchett is a patron of the new Australian Pavilion in the Venice Biennale, and spoke at its opening at the Venice Giardini in May 2015.

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14. In January 2014, Cate Blanchett took part in the Green Carpet Challenge, an initiative to raise the public profile of sustainable fashion, founded by Livia Firth of Eco-Age.

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15. In 2007, Cate Blanchett became the ambassador for the Australian Conservation Foundation.

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16. Cate Blanchett is a patron and ambassador of the Australian Film Institute and its academy, the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

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17. In September 2015, it was announced that Cate Blanchett would portray Lucille Ball in Lucy and Desi, written by Aaron Sorkin and produced by Ball's two children.

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18. Cate Blanchett will voice the sinister python Kaa in Andy Serkis' adaptation of The Jungle Book titled Mowgli, in which he will mix motion capture, CG animation, and live-action.

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19. Cate Blanchett was President of the Jury of the 71st Cannes Film Festival, which took place in May 2018.

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20. In 2017, Cate Blanchett appeared in Malick's Song to Song, shot back-to-back with Knight of Cups in 2012.

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21. In 2016, Cate Blanchett narrated one of two versions of Terence Malick's documentary on Earth and the universe, Voyage of Time, which had its world premiere at the 73rd Venice Film Festival.

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22. Cate Blanchett returned to Australian film with her appearance in The Turning, an anthology film based on a collection of short stories by Tim Winton.

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23. Cate Blanchett reprised her role as Galadriel in Peter Jackson's adaptations of The Hobbit, prequel to The Lord of the Rings series, filmed in New Zealand.

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24. In 2011, Cate Blanchett took part in two Sydney Theatre Company productions.

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25. Cate Blanchett brings to the character is life itself, a primal survival instinct.

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26. Cate Blanchett proposed embarking on Streetcar to Ullmann, who jumped at the opportunity after initial discussion.

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27. Cate Blanchett returned to acting in the theatre in 2009 with the Sydney Theatre Company production of Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire, directed by Liv Ullmann.

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28. On 5 December 2008, Cate Blanchett was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a motion pictures star at 6712 Hollywood Boulevard in front of Grauman's Egyptian Theatre.

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29. Cate Blanchett voiced the character of Granmamare for the English version of the film Ponyo, released July 2008.

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30. Cate Blanchett had a cameo as Janine, forensic scientist and ex-girlfriend of Simon Pegg's character in Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz.

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31. In 2007, Cate Blanchett was named as one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World and one of the most successful actresses by Forbes magazine.

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32. Cate Blanchett received a third Academy Award nomination for her performance in the latter film.

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33. That year, Cate Blanchett won the Australian Film Institute Best Actress Award for her role as Tracy Heart, a former heroin addict, in the Australian film Little Fish, co-produced by her and her husband's production company, Dirty Films.

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34. In 2002, Cate Blanchett appeared, opposite Giovanni Ribisi, in Tom Tykwer-directed Heaven, the first film in an unfinished trilogy by acclaimed writer-director Krzysztof Kieslowski.

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35. Cate Blanchett received wide acclaim for her performance, and earned her first AFI Award nomination as Best Leading Actress; she lost to Deborah Mailman in Radiance.

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36. Cate Blanchett made her feature film debut with a supporting role as an Australian nurse captured by the Japanese Army during World War II, in Bruce Beresford's film Paradise Road, which co-starred Glenn Close and Frances McDormand.

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37. In 1993, Cate Blanchett was awarded the Sydney Theatre Critics' Best Newcomer Award for her performance in Timothy Daly's Kafka Dances and won Best Actress for her performance in Mamet's Oleanna, making her the first actor to win both categories in the same year.

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38. While in Egypt, Cate Blanchett was asked to play an American cheerleader, as an extra in the Egyptian boxing movie, Kaboria; in need of money, she accepted.

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39. Cate Blanchett has described herself as being "part extrovert, part wallflower" during childhood.

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40. Cate Blanchett was born on 14 May 1969 in the Melbourne suburb of Ivanhoe.

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41. Cate Blanchett has been awarded the Centenary Medal for Service to Australian Society by the Australian government.

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42. Cate Blanchett made her Broadway debut in 2017 with The Present, and received Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, and Drama League Award nominations for her performance in the play.

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43. Cate Blanchett has had an extensive career on stage; she is a four-time Helpmann Award winner for Best Female Actor in a Play.

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44. Cate Blanchett came to international attention for her role as Elizabeth I of England in Elizabeth, for which she won the BAFTA Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe Award, and earned her first Academy Award for Best Actress nomination.

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