33 Facts About Mindy Kaling


Mindy Kaling has received numerous accolades for her work, including two Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Tony Award, as well as nominations for six Primetime Emmy Awards.


Mindy Kaling first gained recognition starring as Kelly Kapoor in the NBC sitcom The Office, for which she served as a writer, executive producer, and director.


Mindy Kaling had roles in comedy films, such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, No Strings Attached, The Five-Year Engagement, The Night Before, A Wrinkle in Time and Ocean's 8, and Late Night, the last of which she wrote and produced.


Mindy Kaling received a Tony Award for Best Musical as a producer for the musical A Strange Loop.


Mindy Kaling's parents are from India and met while working at the same hospital in Nigeria.


Mindy Kaling graduated from Dartmouth College in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in playwriting.


Mindy Kaling was a classics major for much of college and studied Latin, a subject she had been learning since the seventh grade.

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Mindy Kaling has said that she never saw a family like hers on TV, which gave her a dual perspective she uses in her writing.


Mindy Kaling thinks the "everyone against me" mentality is what she learned as a child of immigrants.


Mindy Kaling named her Mindy Project character Mindy Lahiri after author Jhumpa Lahiri.


Mindy Kaling said one of her worst job experiences was as a production assistant for three months on the Crossing Over With John Edward psychic show.


Mindy Kaling devised her stage name after discovering while doing stand-up comedy that emcees would have trouble pronouncing her last name, Chokalingam, and sometimes made jokes about it.


Mindy Kaling toured solo as well as with Craig Robinson before he was on The Office.


Mindy Kaling wrote a blog, Things I've Bought That I Love, which reemerged on her website on September 29,2011.


Mindy Kaling took on the role of character Kelly Kapoor, debuting in the series' second episode, "Diversity Day".


Mindy Kaling is featured on the CD Comedy Death-Ray and guest-wrote parts of an episode of Saturday Night Live in April 2006.


Mindy Kaling directed the Season 6 episode "Body Language," which marked her television directorial debut.


Mindy Kaling starred in the 2009 film Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian as a Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum tour guide.


Mindy Kaling's contract was set to expire at the end of Season 7.


Mindy Kaling left The Office after the ninth-season episode "New Guys".


Mindy Kaling published a third memoir, Nothing Like I Imagined, with Amazon Original Stories in 2020.


Mindy Kaling made an appearance as Vanetha in The Five-Year Engagement in 2012.


In March 2017, Mindy Kaling announced that the show's sixth season, which would air starting September 2017, would be the last.


Mindy Kaling voiced Taffyta Muttonfudge in Disney's animated comedy film Wreck-It Ralph and Disgust in Pixar's 2015 film Inside Out.


In 2017, NBC ordered Champions, where Mindy Kaling is a co-creator, writer, and producer.

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Mindy Kaling had a recurring guest role on the show, which premiered March 8,2018, on NBC.


In 2020, Mindy Kaling created the Netflix series Never Have I Ever with Lang Fisher, a comedy partially based on Mindy Kaling's childhood story growing up in the Boston area.


In February 2021, HBO Max announced they had ordered the adult-oriented Scooby-Doo spin-off series Velma, with Mindy Kaling executive producing as well as voicing the titular character.


Mindy Kaling is set to co-write the third installment in the Legally Blonde series with Dan Goor.


Mindy Kaling is committed to re-team with Dan Goor to write and star alongside Priyanka Chopra in a comedy about an Indian-American wedding under Universal.


Mindy Kaling has two children: a daughter, Katherine, born in December 2017, and a son, Spencer, born in September 2020; she has kept the paternity of her children private.


In 2012, Mindy Kaling was included in the Time 100 list of influential people.


In March 2023, Mindy Kaling was awarded the 2021 National Medal of Arts from the US president Joe Biden in the White House.