43 Facts About Sacha Baron Cohen

1. Sacha Baron Cohen has been doing the Lord's work lately.

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2. Sacha Baron Cohen is very, very careful to make sure his shows seem legitimate.

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3. Sacha Baron Cohenwould have talked to Baron Cohen's producer, checked his claims online, and verified everything through databases.

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4. Sacha Baron Cohen can be an great actor, comedian, and article writer.

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5. Sacha Baron Cohen got interested into performing when he was their studies at Cambridge University.

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6. Sacha Baron Cohen is actually a nominee of many Emmy awards in the types of greatest actor and best article writer.

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7. Sacha Baron Cohen was created in 1971 in London, England.

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8. Sacha Baron Cohen claims that he washes the 'Borat Suit' only once a year.

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9. Sacha Baron Cohen appears on talk shows in character and has rarely appeared as his real self.

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10. In the 2009 comedy movie Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen played the role of a gay fashion reporter named Bruno Gerhard.

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11. In 2017, Sacha Baron Cohen appeared as herself in the SyFy tv movie, Sharknado 5.

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12. Sacha Baron Cohen made a brief appearance guest starring as herself on the May 5, 2006 episode of the NBC drama, Las Vegas.

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13. Sacha Baron Cohen has participated in the ice show Stars On Ice for several years, as well as starring in the 2010 Art On Ice alongside Stephane Lambiel.

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14. Sacha Baron Cohen is the first skater to receive +3s for spirals under the International Skating Union Judging System for "Grade of Execution (GOE)", and was the first female to break the +130 barrier on a free skate under the IJS.

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15. On January 21, 2010, Sacha Baron Cohen competed for the first time in four years at the 2010 US Championships in Spokane, Washington.

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16. Sacha Baron Cohen announced on May 6, 2009 that she planned to make a comeback for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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17. In December 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen announced that she needed "a little downtime from competing" and that she would not defend her US Figure Skating Championship title in 2007.

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18. In April 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen started the Champions on Ice tour, participated in the second annual "Skating with the Stars, Under the Stars" gala in Central Park and performed in the Marshalls US Figure Skating International Showcase.

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19. Sacha Baron Cohen finished with an Olympic silver medal, 7.98 points behind gold medalist Shizuka Arakawa of Japan.

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20. At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Sacha Baron Cohen was in first after the short program, leading Russia's Irina Slutskaya by a mere.

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21. Sacha Baron Cohen started her Olympic season by placing first at the Campbell's International Figure Skating Challenge.

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22. In late December 2004, Sacha Baron Cohen decided to return to California and train again with her first coach John Nicks.

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23. In the summer of 2002, Sacha Baron Cohen moved to the East Coast to train with Tatiana Tarasova at the International Skating Center of Connecticut in Simsbury, Connecticut.

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24. Sacha Baron Cohen graduated from the Columbia University School of General Studies in 2016 with a degree in political science.

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25. Sacha Baron Cohen has a younger sister, Natalia, who began college at Barnard College in August 2006.

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26. Sacha Baron Cohen was an active member in the Jewish youth movement Habonim Dror.

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27. Sacha Baron Cohen has no problem with pushing the envelope a bit too far, the father of three has become a trouble-magnet of sorts.

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28. Sacha Baron Cohen was first linked to the Mercury biopic in 2010 and dropped out in 2013.

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29. Sacha Baron Cohen told Howard Stern he dropped out of the long-in-the-works Freddie Mercury biopic over disagreements with Queen over how the film would portray the more salacious aspects of the late singer's life.

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30. Sacha Baron Cohen left the Freddie Mercury biopic over creative differences with Queen Band.

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31. Sacha Baron Cohen was back to his old ways in Grimsby, a raunchy, outrageous action-comedy in which his character teams with his MI6 agent brother to save the world.

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32. Sacha Baron Cohen developed a passion for breakdancing as a teen and belonged to a Jewish youth group through which he first started acting.

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33. Sacha Baron Cohen was born on October 13, 1971, in London, England.

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34. Sacha Baron Cohen signed on to be in the film Hugo in order to work with legendary director Martin Scorsese.

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35. Sacha Baron Cohen would stay in character as Borat for the entire day, from the moment he left his hotel to after production wrapped.

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36. Sacha Baron Cohen based his appearance in The Brothers Grimsby on the look of former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

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37. Sacha Baron Cohen was denied access to shoot at the United Nations during the filming of The Dictator.

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38. Sacha Baron Cohen has stated that he grooms himself for each role separately.

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39. Sacha Baron Cohen seemed like he'd be an inspired muse who could echo the performative aspects of Freddie Mercury, including his suave nature that came with more than a bit of bite.

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40. Sacha Baron Cohen seemed like he'd be an inspired muse who could echo the performative aspects of Freddie Mercury, including his suave nature.

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41. In 2016, Sacha Baron Cohen told Howard Stern that he had wanted to provide a starkly honest portrayal of Mercury, in all his wildness and eccentricity, while the band wished to "protect their legacy as a band.

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42. In September 2010, representatives for Sacha Baron Cohen confirmed that he was set to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic about the rock singer.

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43. Sacha Baron Cohen eventually appeared at the awards' red carpet with a pair of uniformed female bodyguards, holding an urn which he claimed was filled with the ashes of Kim Jong-il.

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