38 Facts About Howard Stern

1. Howard Stern started raising money for the state-of-the-art environment where animals.

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2. Howard Stern is stern, fastidious, and speaks with a posh accent from Rosalind Russell's rat-a-tat speech cadences as the bulldog reporter Hildy Johnson in Howard Hawks's screwball masterwork, His Girl Friday, and from the peculiar, frozen-in-the-thirties.

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3. Howard Stern referred to my father's circumcision as his freedom pass.

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4. Howard Stern is slamming Ben Affleck, claiming the Hollywood star ruined his own marriage to Jennifer Garner, RadarOnline.

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5. In 2012, Howard Stern told The Examiner that he had adopted a pescetarian diet.

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6. Howard Stern has interviewed Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of the technique, and thanked him for relieving his mother's depression.

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7. In the early 1970s, Howard Stern's parents began to practice Transcendental Meditation and encouraged him to learn.

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8. In the several months when Howard Stern was single, he dated Angie Everhart and Robin Givens.

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9. Howard Stern said, "I was totally neurotic and sort of consumed with work.

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10. Howard Stern wrote, "Within a week after our relationship began, I knew I was going to marry her.

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11. Howard Stern met his first wife, Alison Berns, while at Boston University through a mutual friend.

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12. Howard Stern reflected on the endeavor: "It was a weird thing.

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13. In the New York market, Howard Stern had the highest-rated morning radio program between 1994 and 2001.

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14. Towards the end of his stay, Howard Stern had more than tripled his ratings since he began and The Washingtonian named him the city's best disc jockey.

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15. In one incident, Howard Stern revealed his wife's miscarriage on the air.

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16. Howard Stern was hired for the same salary but worked a more intense schedule.

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17. Howard Stern performs on its soundtrack, which charted the Billboard 200 at number one and was certified platinum for one million copies sold.

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18. Howard Stern landed his first radio jobs while at Boston University.

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19. Howard Stern is a supporter and fund raiser for North Shore Animal League America.

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20. Howard Stern was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2012.

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21. Howard Stern left at the end of the tenth season in September 2015.

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22. In December 2010, Howard Stern renewed his contract with SiriusXM to continue his radio show for a further five years.

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23. In 2006, Howard Stern filed a trademark for the name "King of All Media.

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24. In early 2004, Howard Stern spoke of talks with ABC to host an hour television interview special as part of its Primetime series, but the project never came to fruition.

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25. In March 2003, Howard Stern filed a $100 million lawsuit against ABC, Telepictures and the producers of its reality television series Are You Hot?.

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26. In late 2002, Howard Stern acquired the rights to the comedy films Rock 'n' Roll High School and Porky's (1982) with Arclight Films.

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27. In 1995, Howard Stern signed an advance deal with ReganBooks worth around $3 million to write his second book, Miss America.

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28. Howard Stern appeared at the 1992 MTV Video Music Awards as Fartman, a fictional superhero originating from the humor magazine National Lampoon.

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29. In its 1990 feature on Howard Stern, Rolling Stone predicted he was "on the fast track to multimedia stardom.

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30. In a press conference held in October 1985, Howard Stern announced the signing of a five-year contract with Infinity Broadcasting worth an estimated $500,000 to host afternoons on its rock music station WXRK from November 18.

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31. In his last few months, Howard Stern secured a $35,000 advance deal with Wren Records to produce a comedy album of song parodies with Norris titled 50 Ways to Rank Your Mother, released in 1982.

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32. In January 1982, Howard Stern had the second highest rated morning show in the city.

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33. Howard Stern went ahead regardless and accepted a deal, starting on April 21, 1980.

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34. With the license, Howard Stern landed his first professional radio job at WNTN in Newton, Massachusetts from August to December 1975 doing air shifts, news casting, and production work.

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35. Howard Stern attended Hebrew school where he was given the name Tzvi.

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36. Howard Stern described his older sister Ellen as the "complete opposite" of himself and "very quiet.

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37. Howard Stern has been described as the "King of All Media" since 1992 for his successes outside radio.

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38. Howard Stern became one of the highest paid radio figures after signing a five-year deal with Sirius in 2004 worth $500 million.

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