66 Facts About Glenn Close

1. Glenn Close has six Academy Award nominations, and is creating major Oscar buzz for her 2018 performance in 'The Wife.

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2. Glenn Close mates and former housemates Aaron Finch and Glenn Maxwell.

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3. Glenn Close will be honored for her more than 40-year career, which includes six Oscar nominations, 14 Emmy nominations, and 13 Golden Globe nominations.

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4. Glenn Close will be recognized for her performance in "The Wife.

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5. Glenn Close has said she is "very superstitious" as she refused to comment on her chances of winning an Oscar for her role in The Wife.

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6. On June 16, 2016, Glenn Close donated $75,000 to the Mental-Health Association of Central Florida in order to fund counselling and other assistance to victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

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7. In 2013 Glenn Close went to the White House to urge passage of the Excellence in Mental-Health Act that was written to expand treatment for the mentally ill and to provide access to mental-health services.

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8. Glenn Close had director and friend Ron Howard direct the foundation's first PSA.

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9. In 2010, Glenn Close announced to the public that she had her DNA sequenced in order to publicize her family's history of mental illness.

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10. Glenn Close has been a longtime supporter of late friend Christopher Reeve's foundation.

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11. Glenn Close is a trustee of The Wildlife Conservation Society and volunteers at Fountain House in New York City, a facility dedicated to the recovery of men and women who suffer with mental illness.

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12. In 1998, Glenn Close was a part of a star-studded cast which performed The Vagina Monologues at a benefit.

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13. Glenn Close has campaigned for many issues like gay marriage, women's rights, and mental health.

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14. Glenn Close is a New York Mets fan, and has sung the national anthem at Shea Stadium and Citi Field numerous times since 1986.

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15. Glenn Close voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election and attended his inauguration.

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16. In 2011 Glenn Close sold her apartment in The Beresford for $10.2 million.

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17. Glenn Close currently resides in Bedford Hills, New York but still has a condo in the West Village.

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18. In February 2006, Glenn Close married executive and venture capitalist David Evans Shaw in Maine.

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19. In 1995 Glenn Close was engaged to carpenter Steve Beers, who had worked on Sunset Boulevard, but the two never married, and they separated in 1999.

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20. On January 12, 2009, Glenn Close was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard, in front of the Roosevelt Hotel.

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21. Glenn Close states, "You have to maintain a certain openness, and if you don't maintain that, you lose something vital as an actor.

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22. Glenn Close is regarded as an extraordinarily versatile actress with an immersive acting style.

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23. In 2016, Glenn Close was inducted into The Theater Hall of Fame for her work on stage.

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24. Glenn Close has hosted the 46th and 49th annual Tony Awards.

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25. Glenn Close won the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Musical Performance, and was nominated for her first Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical.

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26. In 2008, Glenn Close performed at Carnegie Hall, narrating the violin concerto The Runaway Bunny, a concerto for reader, violin and orchestra, composed and conducted by Glen Roven.

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27. Glenn Close was a guest star at the Andrew Lloyd Webber fiftieth birthday party celebration in the Royal Albert Hall in 1998.

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28. Glenn Close has had an extensive career performing in Broadway musicals.

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29. In 2017, Glenn Close starred in a half hour comedy pilot for Amazon, titled Sea Oak.

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30. Glenn Close kept in contact with her co-star Rose Byrne, and the two have become great friends.

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31. In 2005 Glenn Close joined the FX crime series The Shield, in which she played Monica Rawling, a no-nonsense precinct captain, this became her first TV role in a series.

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32. Glenn Close won a Golden Globe and Screen Actor's Guild award for her performance.

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33. Glenn Close has hosted Saturday Night Live in 1989 and in 1992.

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34. Glenn Close has provided the voice of Mona Simpson, from The Simpsons, since 1995.

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35. In 2019, Glenn Close will star as shipping magnate Maundy Lindros in the opera, Easter, a reimagining of The Detective.

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36. Glenn Close will star in Duchess, playing Anna Anderson, who claimed to be the Grand Russian Duchess Anastasia.

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37. That same year, Glenn Close starred in an adaptation of novelist Meg Wolitzer's The Wife, which premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and garnered her critical acclaim.

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38. In 2017, Glenn Close appeared alongside Noomi Rapace and Willem Dafoe in What Happened to Monday, a Netflix original movie which premiered in August.

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39. Glenn Close appeared in the independent movie 5 to 7 and Low Down.

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40. Along with Viola Davis and Uma Thurman, Glenn Close was featured in the 2012 documentary Love, Marilyn, reading excerpts from Marilyn Monroe's diaries.

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41. Glenn Close was asked about the fact of not having an Oscar during the film's awards campaign, for which she answered: "And I remember being astounded that I met some people who were really kind of almost hyper-ventilating as to whether they were going to win or not, and I have never understood that.

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42. Glenn Close expressed that it became more important for her to make this film to stimulate conversations about transgender issues, "There came a point where I asked, 'Am I willing to live the rest of my life having given up on this?' And I said, 'No I won't.

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43. In 2007, Glenn Close joined friend and previous co-star Meryl Streep in the ensemble drama Evening.

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44. Glenn Close starred in Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her in the same year, this would be one of many future collaborations with director Rodrigo Garcia.

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45. In 1999, Glenn Close provided the voice of Kala in Disney's animated film Tarzan.

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46. Glenn Close appeared in the newsroom comedy-drama The Paper, directed by her good friend Ron Howard.

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47. In the same year, Glenn Close became a trustee emeritus of The Sundance Institute.

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48. In 1992, Glenn Close starred in Meeting Venus for which she received critical acclaim and won Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival.

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49. In the same year, Glenn Close played Gertrude in Franco Zeffirelli's film adaption of Hamlet.

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50. In 1990 Glenn Close went on to play the role of Sunny von Bulow opposite Jeremy Irons in Reversal of Fortune to critical acclaim.

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51. Glenn Close earned stellar reviews for this performance, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress.

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52. Glenn Close stated in an interview that, "Fatal Attraction was really the first part that took me away from the Jenny Fields, Sarah Coopers—good, nurturing women roles.

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53. In 1987, Glenn Close played the disturbed book editor Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction; this was the role that propelled her into stardom.

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54. Glenn Close eventually heard about this and said she didn't want Ransohoff on set while she was making her scenes.

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55. In 1985 Glenn Close starred in the legal thriller Jagged Edge, opposite Jeff Bridges.

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56. Glenn Close was given favorable reviews and even received her second Golden Globe Award nomination, but the movie was critically panned and under-performed at the box office.

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57. In 1984 Glenn Close was given a part in Robert Redford's baseball drama The Natural, and although it was a small supporting role she earned a third consecutive Oscar nomination.

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58. Glenn Close became the third actor to receive a Tony, Emmy, and Oscar nomination all in the same calendar year after the release of The Big Chill.

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59. Glenn Close made her television debut in 1975; it was a small role in the anthology series Great Performances.

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60. Glenn Close traveled for several years in the mid-to-late 1960s with an MRA singing group called Up With People and attended Rosemary Hall, graduating in 1965.

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61. In an interview Glenn Close stated that her desire to become an actress allowed her to break away from MRA, stating: "I have long forgiven my parents for any of this.

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62. Glenn Close described MRA as a "cult" that dictated every aspect of her life, from the clothes that had to be worn to what she was allowed to say.

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63. Glenn Close has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been inducted into the American Theater Hall of Fame.

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64. As of 2018, Glenn Close has more Oscar nominations without a win than any other living actor.

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65. Glenn Close is a six-time Academy Award nominee, tying the record for being the actress with the most nominations without winning.

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66. Glenn Close is an American actress, singer, and producer.

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