38 Facts About Sandra Bullock

1. Sandra Bullock is helping out the Humane Society of Ventura County by donating $100,000 to their efforts amid the wildfires that have raged in California.

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2. Sandra Bullock is doing her part to ensure animals caught in the California fires are rescued and cared for.

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3. Sandra Bullock is helping animals affected by the Southern California wildfires.

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4. Sandra Bullock is not pregnant, despite a new cover story.

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5. Sandra Bullock was out in Los Angeles on Monday night, for a screening of her new film Bird Box.

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6. Sandra Bullock has donated $400,000 to the American Red Cross to help fund the relief efforts in the wake of the Californian wildfires.

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7. Sandra Bullock has donated a total of $500,000 for relief efforts during the California wildfires.

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8. Sandra Bullock was born on July 26, 1964, in Arlington, Virginia to John W Bullock, an American voice teacher, and Helga D Meyer, a German opera singer.

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9. Sandra Bullock turns to horror in Netflix's chilling Bird Box.

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10. Sandra Bullock might be fine in the lead, he said, but "no one could play Linda as well as she does.

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11. Sandra Bullock has had a rough time of late, with the death of her father and prized pooches, but RadarOnline.

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12. Sandra Bullock has recently had to endure the loss of her.

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13. In 2003, Sandra Bullock obtained a restraining order against him, which was renewed in 2006.

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14. Sandra Bullock obtained a restraining order to bar Valentine from "contacting or coming near her home, family or work for three years".

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15. In October 2004, Sandra Bullock won a multimillion-dollar judgment against Benny Daneshjou, the builder of her Lake Austin, Texas home; the jury ruled that the house was uninhabitable.

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16. Sandra Bullock announced on April 28, 2010 that she had proceeded with plans to adopt a son born in January 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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17. Sandra Bullock canceled European promotional appearances for The Blind Side citing "unforeseen personal reasons.

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18. Sandra Bullock was once engaged to actor Tate Donovan, whom she met while filming Love Potion No 9.

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19. Sandra Bullock has been a public supporter of the American Red Cross, having donated $1 million to the organization at least five times.

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20. In 2014, Sandra Bullock ranked No 2 on Forbes list of most powerful actresses and was honored with the Decade of Hotness Award by Spike Guys' Choice Awards.

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21. In November 2013 it was announced that Sandra Bullock was named Entertainment Weeklys Entertainer of the Year due to her success with The Heat and Gravity, which Entertainment Weekly believed would earn her an Oscar nomination.

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22. In September 2013, Sandra Bullock joined other Hollywood legends at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard by making imprints of her hand—and footprints in cement in the theater's forecourt.

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23. Sandra Bullock was selected by People magazine as its 2010 Woman of the Year and ranked No 12 on Peoples Most Beautiful 2011 list.

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24. On March 24, 2005, Sandra Bullock received a motion pictures star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.

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25. Sandra Bullock starred in an all-female spin-off of the Ocean's Eleven franchise, titled Ocean's 8, which was directed by Gary Ross.

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26. That same year, Sandra Bullock starred in and co-executive produced the comedy-drama film Our Brand Is Crisis.

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27. Sandra Bullock starred in the space thriller film Gravity, opposite George Clooney.

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28. Sandra Bullock had initially turned down the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy three times due to a discomfort with portraying a devout Christian.

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29. In November 2009, Sandra Bullock starred in The Blind Side, which opened at No 2 behind New Moon with $34.2 million, making it her second-highest opening weekend ever.

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30. In 2008, Sandra Bullock was announced as "the face" of the cosmetic brand Artistry.

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31. Sandra Bullock starred in Premonition with Julian McMahon, which was released in March 2007.

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32. The same year, Sandra Bullock appeared in Infamous, playing author Harper Lee.

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33. In 2004, Sandra Bullock had a supporting role in the film Crash, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

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34. In 2000, Sandra Bullock starred in Miss Congeniality, a financial success that took in $212 million at the box office worldwide, and received another Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress—Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

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35. Sandra Bullock received $11 million for Speed 2: Cruise Control, which she agreed to star in for financial backing for her own project, Hope Floats (1998).

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36. Sandra Bullock was raised in Germany and Austria (Vienna and Salzburg) for 12 years, and grew up speaking German.

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37. Until the age of 18, Sandra Bullock held American-German dual citizenship.

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38. Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, a mother of two determined to protect her family at any.

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