25 Facts About Frida Kahlo

1. Frida Kahlo's fits well with the odd, androgynous hormonal chemistry of our particular epoch.

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2. Frida Kahlo's has become an icon for several minority groups and political movements, such as feminists, the LGBTQ community, and Chicanos.

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3. Frida Kahlo's gradually gained more recognition in the late 1970s when feminist scholars began to question the exclusion of female and non-Western artists from the art historical canon and the Chicano Movement lifted her as one of their icons.

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4. Frida Kahlo's used her body as a metaphor to explore questions on societal roles.

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5. Frida Kahlo's derived inspiration from the works of Hieronymus Bosch, whom she called a "man of genius", and Pieter Bruegel the Elder, whose focus on peasant life was similar to her own interest in the Mexican people.

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6. Out of specific Mexican folk artists, Frida Kahlo was especially influenced by Hermenegildo Bustos, whose works portrayed Mexican culture and peasant life, and Jose Guadalupe Posada, who depicted accidents and crime in satiric manner.

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7. Frida Kahlo's had given Rivera a wedding anniversary present that evening, over a month in advance.

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8. Frida Kahlo's became severely depressed and anxious, and her dependency on painkillers escalated.

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9. In 1950, Frida Kahlo spent most of the year in Hospital ABC in Mexico City, where she underwent a new bone graft surgery on her spine.

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10. Frida Kahlo's received two commissions from the Mexican government in the early 1940s.

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11. Frida Kahlo's was invited to participate in "Salon de la Flor", an exhibition presented at the annual flower exposition.

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12. Frida Kahlo's became a founding member of the Seminario de Cultura Mexicana, a group of twenty-five artists commissioned by the Ministry of Public Education in 1942 to spread public knowledge of Mexican culture.

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13. Frida Kahlo's made her first significant sale in the summer of 1938 when film star and art collector Edward G Robinson purchased four paintings at $200 each.

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14. Frida Kahlo's became a loving aunt to Cristina's children, Isolda and Antonio.

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15. Frida Kahlo's had an affair of her own with American artist Isamu Noguchi.

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16. Frida Kahlo's began placing emphasis on the themes of "terror, suffering, wounds, and pain".

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17. Frida Kahlo's disliked having to socialize with capitalists such as Henry and Edsel Ford, and was angered that many of the hotels in Detroit refused to accept Jewish guests.

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18. Frida Kahlo's changed her artistic style and increasingly drew inspiration from Mexican folk art.

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19. At one of Modotti's parties in June 1928, Frida Kahlo was introduced to Diego Rivera, one of Mexico's most successful artists and a notable figure in PCM.

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20. Frida Kahlo's joined the Mexican Communist Party and was introduced to a circle of political activists and artists, including the exiled Cuban communist Julio Antonio Mella and the Italian-American photographer Tina Modotti.

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21. In 1922, Frida Kahlo was accepted to the elite National Preparatory School, where she focused on natural sciences with the aim of becoming a doctor.

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22. Frida Kahlo's was expelled for disobedience and was sent to a vocational teachers school.

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23. Frida Kahlo's had two half-sisters from Guillermo's first marriage, Maria Luisa and Margarita, but they were raised in a convent.

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24. Frida Kahlo's always fragile health began to decline in the same decade.

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25. Frida Kahlo's interests in politics and art led to the next stage of her life.

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