19 Facts About Che Guevara

1. For the next half day, Che Guevara refused to be interrogated by Bolivian officers and only spoke quietly to Bolivian soldiers.

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2. On November 3, 1966, Che Guevara secretly arrived in La Paz on a flight from Montevideo under the false name Adolfo Mena Gonzalez, posing as a middle-aged Uruguayan businessman working for the Organization of American States.

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3. As an admirer of the late Lumumba, Che Guevara declared that his "murder should be a lesson for all of us".

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4. In early 1965, Che Guevara went to Africa to offer his knowledge and experience as a guerrilla to the ongoing conflict in the Congo.

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5. In the letter, Che Guevara reaffirmed his enduring solidarity with the Cuban Revolution but declared his intention to leave Cuba to fight for the revolutionary cause abroad.

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6. While in Ireland, Che Guevara embraced his own Irish heritage, celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in Limerick city.

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7. With this "flock", Che Guevara now asserted, "Yankee monopoly capitalism" now terrifyingly saw their "gravediggers".

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8. In December 1964, Che Guevara had emerged as a "revolutionary statesman of world stature" and thus traveled to New York City as head of the Cuban delegation to speak at the United Nations.

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9. At this stage, Che Guevara acquired the additional position of Finance Minister, as well as President of the National Bank.

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10. In September 1960, when Che Guevara was asked about Cuba's ideology at the First Latin American Congress, he replied, "If I were asked whether our revolution is Communist, I would define it as Marxist.

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11. Along with land reform, Che Guevara stressed the need for national improvement in literacy.

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12. While in Jakarta, Che Guevara visited Indonesian president Sukarno to discuss the recent revolution in Indonesia and to establish trade relations between their two nations.

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13. In total, Che Guevara had five children from his two marriages.

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14. As the war extended, Che Guevara led a new column of fighters dispatched westward for the final push towards Havana.

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15. In his diaries, Che Guevara described the first such execution of Eutimio Guerra, a peasant army guide who admitted treason when it was discovered he accepted the promise of ten thousand pesos for repeatedly giving away the rebel's position for attack by the Cuban air force.

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16. As the war continued, Che Guevara became an integral part of the rebel army and "convinced Castro with competence, diplomacy and patience".

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17. From the start Che Guevara was Alberto Bayo's "prize student" among those in training, scoring the highest on all of the tests given.

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18. In the letter Che Guevara speaks of traversing the dominion of the United Fruit Company, a journey which convinced him that the Company's capitalist system was a terrible one.

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19. In 1948, Che Guevara entered the University of Buenos Aires to study medicine.

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