64 Facts About Lois Lane


Lois Lane is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Lois Lane's was influenced by the real-life journalist Nellie Bly.

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Lois Lane has appeared in various media adaptations and is among the best-known female comic book characters.

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Strangely, the characterization of Lois Lane is amazingly like the real-life personality of my lovely wife.

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Lois Lane's encouraged me, she was very enthusiastic about the strip; it meant a lot to me.

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Lois Lane made so many stock drawings that it got to a point where he didn't need any more.

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The modern comics depicts Lois Lane as a former Army brat, born at Ramstein Air Base with Lois Lane having been trained by her father, a US Army General, in areas such as hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms.

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Lois Lane has shown obtaining superpowers and becoming a superhero, some of her superhero identities are Superwoman and Red Tornado of Earth 2.

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Lois Lane's had a series featured in The Superman Family comic book from 1974 to 1982.

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Regardless, Lois Lane married several times in the Superman stories of this era, including to a Superman impostor from Kandor, the villainous Zak-Kul and a man from the future.

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Series Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane became one of DC's most popular titles, the third best-selling comic in 1962 and 1965.

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Lois Lane's engaged in more adventures without Superman being involved and was much less interested in discovering Superman's secret identity.

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Lois Lane was the backup series in The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl in 1982 to 1983.

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At the age of two, Lois Lane suffered measles, and at the age of three, whooping cough.

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Lois Lane found Clark dull and became more interested in asking him for information about Superboy after learning Clark came from Smallville.

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Lois Lane met Superboy for the first time while uncovering a criminal enterprise for one of her stories.

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Lois Lane would meet Superboy again during her adolescence while attending an all-girls summer camp near Smallville.

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Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen later joined the Planets staff but Lois remained the newspaper's star reporter, winning the Pulitzer Prize.

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Lois Lane's was very dependent on Superman, however; he told her that having to rescue her so often from problems she caused prevented him from helping others.

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For example, when late for a deadline Lois Lane jumped off a cliff expecting Superman to catch her "as he has done a thousand times", and fly her to her destination.

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Lois Lane underwent a character alteration beginning with John Byrne's The Man of Steel miniseries, which significantly rewrote Superman's origin and history.

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Lois Lane initially resented the rookie Clark Kent getting the story on Superman as his first piece when she had spent ages trying to get an interview.

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Lois Lane eventually decided to take an overseas assignment to assert her independence and not be dependent on Clark, who had begun to overprotect her.

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When Clark became convinced Lois Lane was in danger, he and her father Sam allied to aid her secretly.

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When Lois Lane returned to Metropolis, she had been through several life-threatening exploits and was slightly amused when Clark informed her his powers had been depleted, and that he was her editor .

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Since their marriage, Clark and Lois Lane continue to be one of the strongest relationships in comics.

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The story is continued in the 3D tie-in comic Superman Beyond, where the female Monitor Zillo Valla stops time around Lois Lane, allowing Superman to leave her side for a while, recruiting him and several of his multiversal doppelgangers in a mission to save the entire Multiverse, promising care for Lois Lane.

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Lois Lane doesn't believe that her sister is dead and refuses to accept the news until she has irrefutable proof.

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Lois Lane asks Supergirl for a recovered piece of Superwoman's costume.

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When Lois is in custody, her father Sam Lane is there to greet her in an interview room in an unnamed facility.

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Lois Lane's is kidnapped by Lucy and taken to Sam's secret base.

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Lois Lane stops her, saying her father will be judged for his war crimes.

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Lois Lane says while she will not miss her father, she will miss her sister.

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Lois Lane wants to publish an article, which would reveal the workers' illegal activities, but Superman forces her not to.

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When Lois Lane is kidnapped by Lisa Jennings, a woman who wants to destroy Superman, he rescues her.

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Lois Lane replies that she wrote the article anyway, saying that she was a reporter before she was his wife.

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Lois Lane investigates the story of twenty people who developed metahuman powers after being kidnapped by Brainiac.

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When HODOR-ROOT try to analyse Clark's new 'Super-Flare' power, Lois Lane reveals his identity to the public in the hope of removing their blackmail card, but this forces Clark to go on the run, hunted by criminals and law enforcement as some apparent side-effect of his Super-Flare has depleted his powers.

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New 52-Lois Lane is present when 'her' Superman expires as recent energy exposures catch up with him, after he tells her his life story for posterity.

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Lois Lane has become a superhero and gained superpowers several times in the comics, animation, and live-action series.

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Lois Lane was the first person to assume the Superwoman persona and has become the superheroine on several occasions.

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The story is set in a dream sequence, where, after Lois Lane is hit by a truck, she dreams a transfusion of Superman's blood gives her superpowers and she becomes Superwoman.

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Superwoman is a supervillain and Lois Lane married Earth-Three's greatest champion, Alexander Luthor.

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Lois Lane's is an Amazon by birth and the chief editor of the Daily Planet.

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Lois Lane later appeared as Superwoman in the animated All-Star Superman film, voiced by Christina Hendricks.

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Lois Lane later dies at the hands of a female Bizarro, being overloaded with solar energy the same way Superman was killed.

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Lois Lane considers Kara as her daughter and Kara calls Lois Lane mom.

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Five years prior to the start of the story, during the first Apokoliptian invasion of Earth 2, Lois was killed by one of Darkseid's assassins at the Daily Planet, she died in her husband's arms.

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Lois Lane helps Val feel accepted and welcomed on Earth 2, learn to control his superpower, and overcome his agoraphobia .

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Lois Lane was revived by DeSaad and was used as the genetic source for the Kryptonian clones.

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Lois Lane's proved unable to deal with the resourcefulness of Martha Kent, and was set ablaze by the widow, but kept regenerating until Krypto intervened, ripping the black ring out of her hand and preventing regeneration for long enough to allow Superman and Conner Kent to destroy the Black Lantern powerhouses attacking Smallville, and reaching town to aid others unhindered.

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Black Lantern Lois Lane later appears to Power Girl, claiming that she has escaped the ring's corrupting influence, and needs her help.

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Years later, Lois Lane is reporting on a fashion show in Montmartre when the Atlanteans flooded Europe.

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Lois Lane's is saved by the Amazons who take her to "New Themiscyra" .

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Superman, devastated by the death of Lois Lane and their unborn child as well as his inadvertent role in destroying Metropolis, kills the Joker and begins his campaign for world domination.

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DC Comics Bombshells, a comic book series set in an alternate history of World War II, Eloisa "Lois" Lane is a mixed-race 17-year-old newspaper hawker from Metropolis' Cuban district.

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Lois Lane is a Blue Lantern and a member of the Titans, who form a resistance against the anti-metahuman government.

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Lois Lane meets Lois Chaudhari, an Indian American designer on a blind date .

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Lois Lane, Girl Reporter is a newspaper comic strip featuring Lois Lane, a spin-off from the Superman comic strip and topper to the Superman Sunday strip in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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Lois Lane has appeared in several self-titled miniseries, one-shots and collected editions:.

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DC graphic novels for young adults will release Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story written by Sarah Kuhn and art by Arielle Jovellanos in April 2023.

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Lois is the protagonist in the young adult novel series, Lois Lane, written by Gwenda Bond and published by Switch Press.

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Since her debut in the comic books in 1938, Lois Lane has appeared in various media adaptations including radio, animations, films, television, video games and Broadway musical.

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Actresses who have portrayed Lois Lane include Noel Neill, Phyllis Coates, Margot Kidder, Teri Hatcher, Erica Durance, Kate Bosworth, Amy Adams, and Elizabeth Tulloch, and voiced by actresses such as Joan Alexander, Dana Delany, Anne Heche, Stana Katic, Rebecca Romijn, and numerous others.

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