53 Facts About Jimmy Olsen


Jimmy Olsen is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Jimmy Olsen is most often portrayed as a young photojournalist working for the Daily Planet.

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Jimmy Olsen looks up to his coworkers as role models and parent figures.

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The first long story featuring the character, "King Jimmy Olsen, " ran in the daily Superman newspaper strips from July 20-October 28,1944.

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The stories in the title often featured particularly outlandish situations, ranging from Jimmy Olsen being hurled back in time to Krypton before its destruction in issue No 36 to dealing frequently with gorillas of all sorts.

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When traveling to the Bottle City of Kandor, Superman and Jimmy Olsen donned the secret identities of Nightwing and Flamebird, respectively.

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Jimmy Olsen'slook was made over as he stopped wearing bowties, and started wearing casual clothing .

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An interesting alteration to the relationship was that Jimmy Olsen designed the signal watch himself, leading to his first meeting with Superman.

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Jimmy Olsen later came under the angry hand of the Alpha Centurion, an alternate universe dictator with a deep-seated hatred for Superman and eyes for Lois Lane.

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Jimmy Olsen is a central character in the twelve-part miniseries Superman: Metropolis .

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Jimmy Olsen takes a position as a regular star reporter for The Daily Planet, replacing the recently demoted Clark Kent.

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Briefly operating as the superhero Mr Action, Jimmy Olsen is unable to command the respect of established superheroes in the Justice League and Teen Titans.

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One of these powers allows Jimmy Olsen to realize the identities of some superheroes, such as Robin and Superman, who requests that he take care of Krypto.

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Jimmy Olsen is eventually tracked down by the New God Forager, with whom he begins a romantic relationship.

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Forager informs him that Jimmy Olsen has become a soulcatcher for the spirits of dying New Gods.

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Later, as the events of Countdown begin to come to their close, Jimmy Olsen becomes a more confidently powerful character and is reunited with the series' other cast members on a mission to stop Karate Kid's disease from becoming a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions.

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Jimmy Olsen'sinformant is quickly executed by Codename: Assassin who then tries to kill Jimmy.

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Jimmy Olsen is able to avoid being killed and is apparently shielded from Codename: Assassin's telepathy due to his own many physical transformations over the years.

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Jimmy Olsen goes to Project Cadmus and speaks to Dubbilex, who tells him the story about the death of the original Guardian at the hands of Codename: Assassin and how cloning is such an imperfect science that the only viable clone alive went into hiding in the desert.

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Jimmy Olsen follows him after dark and sees Saunders working with the last Guardian clone.

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Jimmy Olsen pulls Erik out, who with his dying breath, shifts to his more reliable and powerful Erika form.

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Natasha contacts then Jimmy Olsen, telling him about the plans of General Sam Lane, his outworldly fortress and his capture, and use of a Planet Breaker weapon of Captain Atom, now codenamed Project Breach .

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Finally ready to uncover the truth, Jimmy Olsen is openly confronted by Codename: Assassin, who until that point had merely followed him closely.

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Jimmy Olsen is shot twice in the chest by Codename: Assassin, and sinks into the ocean.

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Jimmy Olsen was shown as Turtle Boy and Elastic Lad, and his antics, glamorous lifestyle as Superman's pal, and strange transformations were depicted as a source of streaming-media ad revenue that was keeping the Daily Planet afloat.

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The series poked fun at DC Comics' own history, including a sequence in which Jimmy Olsen angered Batman by suggesting a phone-in campaign to decide whether Robin lived or died.

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Jimmy Olsen possesses a watch which emits a high-pitched signal only Superman can hear.

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Mostly during the Silver Age of Comic Books, Jimmy Olsen would find himself temporarily transformed, for better or worse, or undergo a disguise for various purposes.

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Jimmy Olsen plays up the public's fear of superheroes via propaganda, encouraging the popular view of them as alien invaders rather than the enhanced humans of the Justice Society, hoping to have them imprisoned so he can use their DNA as well in an attempt to create a stable template to create other new Kryptonians.

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An Amish farmer attempts to stop Jimmy Olsen but is blasted by his heat vision—which reveals that the farmer is the Kal-El.

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Jimmy Olsen asks Kal-El to join him, claiming that they are virtually brothers with the same DNA.

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In Frank Miller's 1986 graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, an older Jimmy Olsen is featured as the writer of "Truth to Power", a Daily Planet article that recalls the age of heroes.

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In Superman: Red Son, written by Mark Millar, Jimmy Olsen is depicted as an agent of the CIA, eventually becoming the director.

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In Superman: Kal, Jamie Jimmy Olsen of the Middle Ages is an early alchemist, working with blacksmith's apprentice Kal to forge a suit of armor for Baron Luthor using metal acquired from a 'silver egg' that fell from the sky years ago.

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In Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All-Star Superman series, Jimmy Olsen is a successful reporter for the Daily Planet.

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Jimmy Olsen is one of the thousands to perish in Western Europe.

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Later, Jimmy Olsen becomes one of the people who have gained metahuman abilities from Braniac's Exobytes, transforming his body into a large being with reptile-like skin.

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Jimmy Olsen appears in the comic book prequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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Jimmy Olsen is a hyper-intelligent knowledge-assimilator known as Accountable in the Earth 2 series.

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In Smallville, the series incarnation of Jimmy Olsen is first referenced in season 2 by Chloe Sullivan, when she refers to a "cute boy" whose "name is Jimmy", whom she met in Metropolis that made her forget all about Smallville for the summer.

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Jimmy Olsen'sname is first given in season 4 when Chloe confides to Lana Lang that he was her "first time".

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At first, Jimmy Olsen is jealous of Clark but their relationship becomes friendly after Clark reunites him with Chloe in the season 6 episode "Trespass".

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In season 7, Jimmy Olsen is still at the Daily Planet working as a budding news photographer, his relationship with Chloe is going through a rough phase due to Chloe's secret new-found ability caused by an amount of Kryptonite meteor in her bloodstream.

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Jimmy Olsen is smitten by her and teams up with her in episodes such as "Cure" and "Lara".

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Chloe arrives and Jimmy Olsen tells her that he is taking his proposal back because it might risk what they have between them.

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In "Committed", Jimmy Olsen admits to Chloe that he lied about his father being a Manhattan investment banker — his father is "a part-time mechanic and full-time alcoholic in Oklahoma City", and he has never even met his mother.

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In "Bride", Jimmy Olsen marries Chloe in the Kent barn, but the wedding reception is interrupted by Doomsday, who nearly kills Jimmy Olsen and kidnaps Chloe.

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Jimmy Olsen's injury is so critical that he must be taken to a hospital in Star City.

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In "Turbulence", Jimmy Olsen sees Davis Bloome murder a drunk driver and becomes almost violently obsessed with proving it.

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Jimmy Olsen manages to pushes Davis into a spike and kills him, and reaffirms love to Chloe before succumbing to injury.

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Jimmy Olsen appears in the TV series set in the Arrowverse portrayed by Mehcad Brooks.

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Jimmy Olsen appears in the series Supergirl as a former Daily Planet photographer who becomes the new art director at CatCo in the first episode.

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Jimmy Olsen revealed to have a tragic past; he lost his father to criminals when he was a child.

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