28 Facts About CIA

1. The CIA helped to arrange a job for John Doe in the state of Washington.

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2. The CIA attempted to assassinate procommunist leaders in the developing world, among them, Fidel Castro of Cuba.

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3. The CIA became a key factor in Truman's efforts to fight the spread of communism as it conducted covert operations.

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4. The CIA would perform other functions and duties beyond those related to information collection and analysis.

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5. The CIA can improve rental properties, acquire land, and construct buildings without the limits placed on other agencies.

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6. The CIA was responsible for supplying intelligence reports that allowed the United States to cripple the Iraqi efforts in the Gulf War with an initial air strike.

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7. The CIA had records on more than three hundred thousand US citizens who had no ties with espionage or intelligence.

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8. Since the mid 1970s, the CIA has received more attention for breaking the law than it has for upholding national security.

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9. The CIA is headed by the director of central intelligence, who is a member of the president's cabinet and the presidential spokesperson for the agency and the intelligence community.

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10. The CIA orchestrated a propaganda campaign against Soviet SS-20 missile deployments in Europe in the 1980s.

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11. The CIA consists of three major directorates: the Directorate of Operations, the Directorate of Intelligence, and the Directorate of Science and Technology (established in 1963).

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12. In 1954, the CIA deposed a democratically elected Guatemalan president and replaced him with a dictator (Carlos Castillo Armas) to save investments in a banana company.

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13. The CIA sought the Bush administration's specific approval of the enhanced interrogation techniques it used on suspected terrorists; the techniques were declared legal by the Justice Department in secret memos issued in 2002 and 2005.

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14. In 2013, the CIA publicly acknowledged the existence of Area 51 for the first time.

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15. The CIA arranged the arrests of suspected Al Qaeda members through cooperation with foreign agencies, but the CIA could not definitively say what effect these arrests had had, and it could not gain hard intelligence from those captured.

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16. In 1947 when the CIA was founded, there were 200 agents in the Clandestine Service.

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17. The CIA was blinded by the uprising against the Maronite minority.

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18. The CIA was actually arming and training Nicaraguans Contras in Honduras in hopes that they could depose the Sandinistas in Nicaragua.

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19. In March 1981, Reagan told Congress that the CIA would protect El Salvador by preventing the shipment of Nicaraguan arms into the country to arm Communist rebels.

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20. The CIA seized the opportunity to arm and finance Chad's Prime Minister, Hissene Habre after he created a breakaway government in Western Sudan, even giving him Stinger missiles.

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21. The CIA would see another setback as communists would take Angola.

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22. The CIA proceeded to organize the operation with the aid of various Cuban counter-revolutionary forces, training Brigade 2506 in Guatemala.

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23. The CIA hoped that Castro would bring about a friendly democratic government, and planned to curry his favor with money and guns.

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24. The CIA delivered a quarter of a million dollars to Joseph Mobutu, their favored Congolese political figure.

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25. The CIA mounted a psychological campaign to convince the Guatemalan people and government that Armas' victory was a fait accompli, the largest part of which was a radio broadcast entitled "The Voice of Liberation" which announced that Guatemalan exiles led by Castillo Armas were shortly about to liberate the country.

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26. In 1952 the CIA sent 1,500 more expatriate agents north.

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27. Thus the two areas of responsibility for the CIA were covert action and covert intelligence.

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28. At the outset of the Korean War the CIA still only had a few thousand employees, a thousand of whom worked in analysis.

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