19 Facts About The Washington Post

1. The Washington Post could do well because $AMZN has a lot to sell.

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2. The Washington Post has a pension plan that's overfunded by $604m.

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3. The Washington Posttold Washington Post employees that he will be working in Washington state and not DC Strangely, he doesn't plan to spend time getting to know his new business, or the newspaper business.

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4. The Washington Post is one of a limited number of media who continue to maintain foreign bureaus.

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5. The Washington Post is "pledged to minimize the numbers of errors we make and to correct those that occur.

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6. The Washington Post reported in 2011 that the leaked versions of the papers that it and the New York Times received were heavily redacted, incomplete or illegible.

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7. The Washington Post is pushing the narrative that gun violence is a growing epidemic on school campuses nationwide.

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8. The Washington Post published, the government sued, and now the issue was winding through the courts.

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9. The Washington Post was established in 1877 as a four-page organ of the Democratic Party.

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10. In November 2016, The Washington Post published a story that relied heavily on a report by PropOrNot, an anonymous internet group that seeks to expose what it calls Russian propaganda.

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11. The Washington Post has endorsed Democrats for president during at least nine different presidential elections.

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12. In December 2016, The Washington Post published a story inaccurately stating that a Russian hacking operation had infiltrated the US electrical grid; the claim was retracted in a revised version of the story, after the initial version had been widely circulated.

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13. The Washington Post is credited with inventing the term "McCarthyism" in a 1950 editorial cartoon by Herbert Block.

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14. In recent years The Washington Post launched an online personal finance section, as well as a blog and a podcast with a retro theme.

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15. In 2014, The Washington Post announced it was moving from 1150 15th Street to a leased space three blocks away at One Franklin Square on K Street.

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16. The Washington Post made its own major news in 2013 when Jeff Bezos purchased the paper for million cash.

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17. The Washington Post dogged coverage of the story, the outcome of which ultimately played a major role in the resignation of President Richard Nixon, won the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize in 1973.

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18. In May 2014, The Washington Post leased the west tower of One Franklin Square, a high-rise building at 1301 K Street NW in Washington, DC The newspaper moved into their new offices December 14, 2015.

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19. The Washington Post has distinguished itself through its political reporting on the workings of the White House, Congress, and other aspects of the US government.

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