12 Facts About North Vietnam


North Vietnam, officially the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, was a socialist state supported by the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China in Southeast Asia that existed from 1945 to 1976.

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The conflict spread to neighboring countries and North Vietnam supported the Pathet Lao in Laos and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia against their respective US-backed governments.

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The term "North Vietnam" became common usage in 1954, when the Geneva Conference provisionally partitioned Vietnam into communist and non-communist parts.

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The Congress adopted 10 major policies of the Viet Minh, passing the General Uprising Order, selecting the national flag of North Vietnam, choosing the national anthem and selecting the National Committee for the Liberation of North Vietnam, which later became the Provisional Revolutionary Government led by Ho Chi Minh.

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The salient political fact of life in Northern Vietnam was that the Chinese Nationalist Army occupied it, and the Chinese presence had forced Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh to accommodate Chinese-backed Viet Nationalists.

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North Vietnam used soldiers, Japanese officers who had volunteered to stay in Vietnam and some of the supplies provided by France in this campaign.

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North and South Vietnam were officially reunited on 2 July 1976 as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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Democratic Republic of North Vietnam initiated a "correction campaign" which by 1958 had resulted in the return of land to many of those harmed by the land reform.

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Ultimate objective of the land reform program of the Democratic Republic of North Vietnam government was not to achieve equitable distribution of farmland but rather the organization of all farmers into co-operatives in which land and other factors of agricultural production would be owned and used collectively.

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North Vietnam established a system of autonomous regions similar to the autonomous regions of China.

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Democratic Republic of Vietnam was diplomatically isolated by many capitalist states, and many other anti-communist states worldwide throughout most of the North's history, as these states extended recognition only to the anti-communist government of South Vietnam.

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North Vietnam however, was recognized by almost all Communist countries, such as the Soviet Union and other Socialist countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, China, North Korea, and Cuba, and received aid from these nations.

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