17 Facts About Middle Ages


The Middle Ages is the middle period of the three traditional divisions of Western history: classical antiquity, the medieval period, and the modern period.

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Middle Ages is one of the three major periods in the most enduring scheme for analysing European history: classical civilisation or Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Modern Period.

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The "Middle Ages" first appears in Latin in 1469 as media tempestas or "middle season".

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Middle Ages set up a kingdom marked by its co-operation between the Italians and the Ostrogoths, at least until the last years of his reign.

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Middle Ages covered the lack of military personnel by developing an extensive system of border forts.

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Middle Ages triumphed and the empire recovered all of its lost territories in the east in a new peace treaty.

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Middle Ages created an alphabet, likely the Glagolitic script, for it.

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Middle Ages came to persuade Pepin to attack the Lombards whose expansion menaced the city of Rome.

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High Middle Ages was a period of tremendous expansion of population.

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Women in the Middle Ages were officially required to be subordinate to some male, whether their father, husband, or other kinsman.

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High Middle Ages was the formative period in the history of the modern Western state.

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Middle Ages's successors continued to struggle against the papacy as well as the German nobility.

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Middle Ages's court was famous for its scholars and he was often accused of heresy.

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High Middle Ages was a period of great religious movements.

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Papacy further refined the practice in the Mass in the Late Middle Ages, holding that the clergy alone was allowed to partake of the wine in the Eucharist.

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One of the major developments in the military sphere during the Late Middle Ages was the increased use of infantry and light cavalry.

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Lindberg and Ronald Numbers, another scholar of the period, state that there "was scarcely a Christian scholar of the Middle Ages who did not acknowledge [Earth's] sphericity and even know its approximate circumference".

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