19 Facts About Italians


Italians are the citizens and nationals of Italy and the primarily Romance-speaking ethnic group native to the Italian geographical region and its neighboring insular territories.

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Italians have influenced and contributed to fields like arts and music, science, technology, fashion, cinema, cuisine, restaurants, sports, jurisprudence, banking and business.

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The adjective italianus, from which are derived the Italian name of the Italians, is medieval and was used alternatively with Italicus during the early modern period.

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Italians's defeat marked the end of the Western Roman Empire, and the end of the political unification of Italy until the establishment of the modern Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

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Many Italians began to see the possibility of a united Italy free of foreign control.

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Italians chose a republic to replace the monarchy, which had been closely associated with Fascism.

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Italians believed that there was no contradiction between faith and secular reason.

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Italians believed that Aristotle had achieved the pinnacle in the human striving for truth and thus adopted Aristotle's philosophy as a framework in constructing his theological and philosophical outlook.

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Italians was a professor at the prestigious University of Paris.

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Italians have been the central figures of countless inventions and discoveries and they made many predominant contributions to various fields.

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Italians's achievements include the invention of the thermometer and key improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations, and ultimately the triumph of Copernicanism over the Ptolemaic model.

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Italians introduced the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, which he used as an example in Liber Abaci.

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Italians invented many of the musical instruments, including the piano and violin.

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Italians are the second of the most who have won the World Cycling Championship more than any other country after Belgium.

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Beach tennis with paddle racquet was invented by Italians, and is practised by many people across the country.

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The mass industrialization and urbanization globally resulted in higher labor mobility and the need for Italians to stay anchored to the land for economic support declined.

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Italians were more likely to migrate to countries where they had family established beforehand.

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Notably, it was not as if Italians had never migrated before; internal migration between North and Southern Italy before unification was common.

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Similar process happened in Malta, where the Maltese Italians have practically disappeared in the last two centuries after Britain took control of the island during Napoleon times.

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