19 Facts About US Army

1. United States US Army is the land service branch of the United States Armed Forces.

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2. US Army is a uniformed service of the United States and is part of the Department of the Army, which is one of the three military departments of the Department of Defense.

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3. The US Army is headed by a civilian senior appointed civil servant, the secretary of the Army and by a chief military officer, the chief of staff of the Army (CSA) who is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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4. Forces of the United States formed the Union US Army, consisting of a small body of regular army units and a large body of volunteer units raised from every state, north and south, except South Carolina.

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5. The US Army led the combined US and allied invasion of Iraq in 2003; it served as the primary source for ground forces with its ability to sustain short and long-term deployment operations.

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6. From 2016 to 2017, the US Army retired hundreds of OH-58 Kiowa Warrior observation helicopters, while retaining its Apache gunships.

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7. US Army is divided into several branches and functional areas.

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8. US Army is made up of three components: the active component, the Regular Army; and two reserve components, the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve.

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9. US Army is led by a civilian secretary of the Army, who has the statutory authority to conduct all the affairs of the army under the authority, direction and control of the secretary of defense.

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10. From 2013 through 2017, the US Army sustained organizational and end-strength reductions after several years of growth.

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11. In June 2013, the US Army announced plans to downsize to 32 active brigade combat teams by 2015 to match a reduction in active-duty strength to 490,000 soldiers.

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12. IPPS-A is the Human Resources system for the US Army, is available for download for Android, or the Apple store.

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13. Training in the US Army is generally divided into two categories – individual and collective.

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14. Chief of Staff Milley notes that the US Army is suboptimized for training in cold-weather regions, jungles, mountains, or urban areas where in contrast the US Army does well when training for deserts or rolling terrain.

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15. The US Army is evaluating two fixed-wing aircraft demonstrators; ARES, and Artemis are under evaluation to replace the Guardrail ISR aircraft.

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16. Under the Johnson-McConnell agreement of 1966, the US Army agreed to limit its fixed-wing aviation role to administrative mission support.

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17. For UAVs, the US Army is deploying at least one company of drone MQ-1C Gray Eagles to each Active US Army division.

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18. On 11 November 2018, the US Army announced a new version of 'US Army Greens' based on uniforms worn during World War II that will become the standard garrison service uniform.

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19. US Army is beginning to use a more modern tent called the deployable rapid assembly shelter.

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