16 Facts About Amazo


Amazo is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Traditionally, Amazo is an android created by the villain scientist Professor Ivo and gifted with technology that allows him to mimic the abilities and powers of superheroes he fights, as well as make copies of their weapons.

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Amazo is similar and often compared to the later created Marvel android villain Super-Adaptoid.

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In live-action media, multiple Amazo robots appeared in the Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds.

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Android Amazo was created by Professor Anthony Ivo, a scientist with expertise in multiple fields who is obsessed with immortality.

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Amazo brings the team to Ivo, who reveals he has created a means of extending his life span courtesy of the data obtained from studying the creatures Amazo captured.

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Different Amazo model is later activated and battles the superhero team the Conglomerate.

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Slowly becoming mentally unstable, Kid Amazo discovers Sara is Ivo's daughter and was instructed to monitor Frank by posing as a girlfriend.

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Batman deduces Kid Amazo has not only the powers of the Leaguers but their contrasting personality traits.

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Amazo later appeared as a member of the Cabal, alongside Per Degaton, Doctor Psycho, Queen Bee, and Hugo Strange.

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Amazo is an advanced android built using Professor Anthony Ivo's "absorption cell" technology.

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Some later Amazo versions are upgraded to use and mimic multiple powers at once from any superhuman they come in contact with or anyone it identifies as a Justice League member.

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At times, Amazo is a simple minded android, capable of basic strategies and possessing average intelligence but with narrow focus.

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Some models of Amazo have demonstrated advanced analysis and tactics in battle, helping them maneuver to apply their stolen powers effectively to defeat opponents.

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In most incarnations, Amazo takes on a person's weaknesses simultaneously when mimicking their powers.

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Amazo appears in the Injustice 2 comics based on the Injustice reality.

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