17 Facts About Professor Ivo


Professor Anthony Ivo is a supervillain and mad scientist in DC Comics.

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Professor Ivo is the creator of the android villain Amazo and, along with villainous scientist T O Morrow, the co-creator of the android Tomorrow Woman.

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Anthony Professor Ivo appeared in the second season of the live-action Arrowverse show Arrow and was played by Dylan Neal.

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Anthony Professor Ivo grows up with thanatophobia, a deep fear of death so strong that he even avoids his own mother's funeral.

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Professor Ivo concludes he could create an "immortality elixir" by studying and experimenting on animal life known to have long lifespans, and decides he will become immortal and dominate the Earth.

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Professor Ivo is imprisoned and given a sentence of 500 years in case his immortality elixir was successful.

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Years later, Professor Ivo discovers his immortality causes disfigurement that makes his skin scaly and his face monstrous.

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Professor Ivo blames this on the Justice League and becomes mentally unstable, leading to further criminal actions and attacks on the League.

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Ice of the Justice League sympathizes with Professor Ivo, unknowingly invoked the power of Guy Gardner's Power Ring to cure him of his condition and restore his original human form.

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Secret Society of Super Villains later assigns Professor Ivo to collect soil samples in Auschwitz, Poland which will be used to create the Wonder Woman villain Genocide.

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Professor Ivo brings along his newest android Red Volcano as an aid.

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Professor Ivo becomes pioneers the "organic pattern process", technology that mimics organic life down to a cellular level, which leads to the creation of the A-Maze Operating System.

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Professor Ivo is a criminal mastermind and a scientific genius, skilled in genetics, biology, programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, and engineering.

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Professor Ivo is responsible for the creation of various artificially intelligent androids including Amazo and, with help from T O Morrow, the Tomorrow Woman.

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Professor Ivo has intense thanatophobia, with the one exception being a short time when he believed suicide was preferable to increasing pain and immobility.

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Professor Ivo has never succeeded in making a version that didn't cause disfigurement or mutation, and has never been able to remove the disfigurement without removing his immortality.

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Professor Ivo appears in a picture depicted in Lego DC Super-Villains.

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