90 Facts About Sinestro


Thaal Sinestro is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, particularly those featuring Green Lantern.

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Sinestro is a former Green Lantern Corps member who was dishonorably discharged for abusing his power.

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Sinestro is the archnemesis of Hal Jordan and founder of the Sinestro Corps.

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Sinestro has appeared in various forms of non-comics media including shows, films, and video games, and he made his live-action debut in the 2011 film Green Lantern, played by Mark Strong.

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Sinestro is born on the planet Korugar in space sector 1417.

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Sinestro uses it to defend himself from the Lantern's pursuer: a Weaponer of Qward.

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Jordan is horrified at his new mentor's totalitarian methods, though Sinestro maintains that his iron-fisted rule is necessary to protect the people from alien forces.

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When Jordan calls for help from the other Green Lanterns, Sinestro's dictatorship is exposed and he is forced to appear before the Guardians for punishment.

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Katma Tui, the leader of a Korugarian resistance movement who feels that Sinestro's "protection" keeps her people from growing as a society through contact with other alien races, is recruited as his replacement in the Corps.

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Sinestro ends up on the antimatter world of Qward, that universe's counterpart of the Guardians' homeworld Oa, which is ruled by the Weaponers of Qward, a race of warriors and scientists that bare a fierce hatred of the Guardians and all Green Lanterns.

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Sinestro believes himself to have been wronged by his former masters and now hates them just as much as the Weaponers do.

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Sinestro quickly becomes the Green Lantern Corps' most powerful nemesis, partially due to a weakness in their power rings that prevent them from directly affecting the color yellow.

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Sinestro first meets Hal after already making an alliance with Qward.

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Sinestro tries to attack the Guardians after trapping Hal, before disguising himself as Hal so he can occupy a meeting of Green Lanterns and absorb power from their rings by casting an illusion of a monster so that they would use their rings.

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Sinestro manages to free himself through the mental manipulation of the Mad God of Sector 3600.

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Guilty of multiple acts of genocide, Sinestro is put on trial again by the assembled membership of the Green Lantern Corps.

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Sinestro manages to cheat death by sending his essence into the Central Power Battery and shutting it down.

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Yet Sinestro earns an even greater personal victory as the so-called "yellow impurity" turns out to be a sentient entity known as Parallax, the living embodiment of fear.

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Sinestro discovers the battery's power source is Parallax's green counterpart, Ion, the embodiment of willpower.

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Wonder Woman faces a duplicate of Sinestro created by an artificial intelligence based on the dead son of its creator.

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Hal allows Sinestro to throw him away before using Kyle's ring to destroy the villain's equipment.

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Kyle keeps Sinestro occupied, using Hal's ring to protect him from mortal injury.

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In retrospect, it is assumed that this version of Sinestro is another hard light construct created by Parallax at Sinestro's behest, as the fear entity is still bonded to Jordan's soul during his time as the Spectre, continuously breaking his will.

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Sinestro eventually reveals the charade of his 'death' when Kyle Rayner discovers the existence of Parallax and reveals it to Green Arrow and the Justice League.

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Sinestro later appears in the mini-series Villains United, in which he captures Lady Quark for the Secret Society of Super Villains, a group of which Sinestro previously was a member.

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Sinestro begins the fight by blowing a hole through the chest of the second Black Condor, killing him instantly.

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Sinestro makes a pact with the Anti-Monitor and embraces the doctrine of spreading fear.

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The Green Lantern Corps is reformed with the return of Hal Jordan so Sinestro decides to found the Sinestro Corps, offering yellow power rings to the most feared and savage warriors of the universe.

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Sinestro confronts Earth's Green Lanterns, and upon their escape, follows them toward Earth, the Sinestro Corps' real target.

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Sinestro reveals to Hal, Guy and John that he intends to turn Earth into the new homeworld for the Sinestro Corps and the site of the new Coast City into a mass graveyard, "A mecca of fear".

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Sinestro is then imprisoned in Oa's Sciencells where he learns from Hal Jordan that he has received a death penalty.

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Sinestro has been shown to have chewed a very large hole in his finger, and he used his blood to paint the insignia of the Sinestro Corps on his cell window.

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When Sinestro formed his insignia from blood, the power rings stationed on Oa seemed to react violently, threatening to break free of their confines.

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Sinestro informs Soranik that his wife took her as a child and left him as he began his rise to power on Korugar.

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Sinestro was eventually able to locate his daughter and give her the mark on her face, his family's coat of arms, along with a micro-transmitter so he could locate her.

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Sinestro visited Soranik throughout her life using his ring to alter his appearance.

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Sinestro even took a picture of her and the Natus at her medical school graduation.

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Sinestro then says that he is proud of his daughter for succeeding where he could not, namely bringing order to Korugar as a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

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Sinestro then tells her that they must work together to stop the Blackest Night.

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Sinestro proclaims himself to be "leading this coalition" against the Black Lanterns.

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Sinestro relents, tells his Corps that there is a temporary truce with the GLC, and travels with the others to Odym.

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Sinestro offers to join with Parallax instead, but is rebuffed.

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Later, Sinestro is apparently killed by Nekron, but healed back to life by the White Entity, claiming to be in harmony with every living being in the universe and thus reborn as the true Guardian of the Universe.

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However, Sinestro proves unable to fully control the Entity's power because of his ego-maniacal personality, and Nekron is able to separate them.

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Sinestro later uses Sinestro's ring when Parallax is returned to the Central Power Battery, allowing Krona to control all Green Lanterns.

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Sinestro is not interested in becoming a Green Lantern, but the Guardians of the Universe convince him to join the Corps.

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Later, when the Green Lantern Corps are in disagreement and attempt to kill him, the Corps break into the sciencells, but they discover that Sinestro was in captivity by the Guardians, who are trying to remove Sinestro's green ring, but the ring will not be removed.

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Elsewhere, the Guardians discuss how they willed Hal's ring to claim Sinestro to undermine all the other Corps, especially his own.

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When Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris arrive at Korugar's remains, Sinestro attacks, but immediately notices that Kyle is a White Lantern.

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Sinestro takes the white ring to become a White Lantern himself, but it rejects him as an unsuitable host, much to his horror.

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Sinestro arrives on the planet Oa and strikes Volthoom, but their battle is interrupted by the Indigo Tribe.

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Sinestro turns to the Yellow Central Power Battery and releases Parallax, becoming its new host to attack Volthoom with heightened power levels.

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However, it was too late as Sinestro reveals that he had already killed the Guardians before Hal intercepted him.

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Reappearing elsewhere, Sinestro secretly brings Ganthet and Sayd together, stating that he knows what it is like to lose everything, but exiles them both from Oa.

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Sinestro follows Power Ring through the sewers, eventually severing his right arm and allowing his ring to go search for a new host.

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Sinestro refuses, even when she says Arkillo is making a mockery of the Corps, creating thousands of rings for anyone who will swear loyalty to him.

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When Sinestro realizes that the remaining Korugarians are suffering because of his inaction, he feels fear again and his ring reactivates.

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Sinestro brings a Green Lantern Power Battery for Soranik to recharge and she joins his team in rescuing a group of Korugarians that are being sold into slavery on the planet Muz.

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Hal berates Sinestro for allowing Parallax to control him and kill the Guardians, which Sinestro refuses.

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Sinestro proves to Hal that he is in control and summons Parallax to attack Hal, then calls it back, proving that he has mastered fear itself.

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Sinestro possesses the fear entity of Parallax again and returns to his youth.

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Sinestro sends out his enforcers of his Corps to control the new order of the universe with fear.

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When Sinestro is stunned that his Corps have reports that Hal Jordan has returned and attacks the Corps, his daughter, Soranik Natu rebels against her father, saying that he should take responsibility for his failures and that he will never learn from the Green Lantern Corps.

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Sinestro's Corps has captured Green Lantern Guy Gardner, instead of Hal.

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Sinestro is furious and demands to know where Hal is, but he learns that Soranik has secured Hal safely.

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Sinestro then uses the imprisoned people in Warworld's engine to increase the power of fear for his Corps, while he tries to interrogate Guy to where the Green Lantern Corps are.

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Later, Sinestro feels he is in jeopardy now that the Green Lantern Corps have returned, including the fact that his daughter, Soranik, has rejected his Corps.

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Later, it is revealed that Sinestro survived from the attack, is critically injured and that he and Lyssa Drak were teleported to Qward.

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Sinestro wields a yellow power ring that is functionally similar to those of the Green Lanterns, granting him flight, the ability to survive in any environment and the ability to create constructs of any shape and size.

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Sinestro is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat and battle strategies, owing to his training as a former Green Lantern.

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Sinestro proves to be a physical match for Hal Jordan owing to these skills.

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Visual design of Sinestro, according to artist Gil Kane was based upon British actor David Niven.

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Ame-Comi Girls universe version of Sinestro is a girl named Sinestra.

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Sinestro decides to lead the league away, along with Lyssa Drak, to save the planet.

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Natromo presents a trinket to Sinestro, allowing him to use the light of fear again and stages a prison break with a group of inmates.

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Sinestro meets with the ghost of Lyssa Drak who fulfills her final obligation and disappears, leaving behind her skull which Sinestro takes.

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Sinestro blames the Apex League for this and smashes Lyssa Drak's skull on the ground.

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Sinestro first appears in the Year Two series of the prequel comic to Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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Sinestro is nearly beaten by a more vicious Superman before he reveals that he has actually come to join Superman's cause, seeing that the Kryptonian has undergone a change in personality and tactics to "save" the world.

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Sinestro is briefly kept as a prisoner at the Hall of Justice as he explains his own downfall and expulsion from the Green Lantern Corps: in his eyes, he had been a well-meaning Lantern who only wanted to save and better his world, just for the Green Lanterns to deem him a tyrant and stop him.

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Sinestro felt particularly betrayed when his former comrades—including his protege Hal Jordan—stopped him and removed his ring, expelling him from the Corps.

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Sinestro continues to play a key role in creating forced order across the world, even staging an event where Despero looked like he was attacking and Sinestro was forced to kill him in self-defense.

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When Sinestro arrived after Hal, he is immediately beaten by Hal for all the years of deceit and manipulation.

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At Oa, Sinestro is questioned over Atrocitus's identity, and he informs the Lanterns that he had fought Atrocitus many times before and after he left the Green Lantern Corps.

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Sinestro, wishing to save his daughter, asks for a Power ring, which Hal convinces the other Green Lanterns and the Guardians to do.

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Impaled at the chest, Sinestro uses his last burst of strength to remove Soranik's spore, freeing her from Starro's control.

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Sinestro is then mourned by Jordan and the other Green Lanterns.

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In Green Lantern: Earth One, Sinestro is among those who respond to Hal Jordan's distress call and participates in the recovery of the Central Power Battery from the Manhunters.

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In Dark Multiverse: Blackest Night, Sinestro's ego refused to relinquish his control of the Life Entity even after he was 'killed' by the Black Lanterns, resulting in him existing in a twisted state of half-life where his left side is 'dead' and wearing a Black Lantern ring.

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Sinestro is last shown trying to find a way to escape his twisted reality, but he is kept contained by higher powers who will not risk his infection spreading to other worlds in the multiverse.

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