14 Facts About Nekron


Nekron is a supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, specifically those related to Green Lantern.

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Nekron is the personification of Death and ruler of a region adjoining Hell known as the Land of the Unliving, that seems to border on Limbo and Purgatory within the DC Universe.

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Krona cooperates because part of Nekron's plan involves collapsing the universe so as to recreate it according to his own desires.

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Nekron is defeated when Jordan enters the realm of the dead and incites the spirits of the recently killed Lanterns to rebel against him.

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Nekron is revealed to be the true mastermind behind the miraculous resurrections of several superheroes in the past.

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Nekron is not a living being but just exists as an avatar of darkness from the beginning of the universe.

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Nekron intends to kill the Entity and thereby kill every living thing in the universe.

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Nekron's plans are thwarted when Sinestro bonds with the Entity becoming a White Lantern.

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However, Nekron reveals that he cannot as Volthoom's bond with the Emotional Spectrum is profound and permanent, meaning that as long as there is light in the universe, Volthoom will never die.

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Nekron has displayed the ability to raise the dead, kill with a touch, fire bolts of black lightning and grow without limit.

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Nekron is capable of fighting against universal forces like the Life Entity, who was bonded with Sinestro, and banishing the Spectre with a touch.

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Nekron has incredible durability and reality warping powers, as he was able to withstand a blast from the Anti-Monitor and send him back to the anti-matter universe.

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The Joker's pre-battle dialogue between the Green Lanterns and Superman implied that Joker's Regime Universe version had returned to life by scamming Nekron, thus serving as one of the potential explanations for Joker's in-game presence.

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Nekron is mentioned in certain Multiverse mode scenarios and is the cause of an active modifier that cause hands of the dead to rise up and grab nearby combatants during a match.

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