54 Facts About Kyle Rayner


Kyle Rayner, one of the characters known as Green Lantern, is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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In 2013, Kyle Rayner was placed 14th on IGN's list of the "Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics".

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Kyle Rayner was raised by his Irish mother as an only child; his father abandoned his mother when she was pregnant.

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Several sources imply that Ganthet was following a deeper reason: Kyle Rayner was not chosen because he was fearless but because he was able to feel and overcome fear, thus making him, and all the future Lanterns, less susceptible to Parallax's influence.

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The guilt over this event drove Kyle Rayner to take his role more seriously, and as a result, he strove to be the best Green Lantern he could be in honor of Alex's memory.

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Kyle Rayner then moved to New York City, since Los Angeles reminded him of Alex and he needed a fresh start.

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Kyle Rayner grew up enamored with Superman and Batman, though he had only a passing knowledge of Earth's various Green Lanterns.

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Kyle Rayner initially clashed with the Flash early in his career.

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Kyle Rayner entered a romantic relationship with Jade and formed friendships with the Golden Age Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Arsenal, Warrior, and John Stewart.

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The Justice League tries to stop Oblivion, and during the battle, Kyle Rayner is sent back to Earth to get reinforcements, but the League is captured.

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Rather than sacrifice his humanity, Kyle Rayner abandoned omnipotence, bleeding off the vast power, recharging the Central Power Battery on the Guardians' home planet and headquarters, Oa, and helping to create a new group of Guardians in the process.

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Kyle Rayner left New York and spent some time trying to find his place on Earth and ended up staying with his mother for a brief time.

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Subsequent to this, Kyle Rayner is given special status amongst the Guardians, who consider him the "Torch-Bearer", the Green Lantern who carried the legacy through the Corps' darkest period.

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Kyle Rayner realizes that as Ion, he is able to channel the green energy of both the Starheart and the Central Power Battery.

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Jordan and Kyle Rayner then discover that the Guardians had placed Kyle Rayner through these events as a test of whether he could handle his power, in anticipation of their granting him an honored position among Green Lanterns as their Torchbearer, now that he harbors the ability to revive the Corps should it ever be destroyed again.

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Kyle Rayner later learns that he was hunted by enemies such as Effigy, who was subliminally instructed to attack Kyle Rayner by Nero.

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Sinestro Corps confront Kyle Rayner, who has his powers drained out of him by Sinestro himself and is immediately taken over by Parallax.

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Kyle Rayner is stopped from murdering Guy Gardner by the intervention of the surviving Lost Lanterns and the Ion entity.

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Kyle Rayner is able to witness all that Parallax says and does from a third-person perspective but is unable to stop it.

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The latest to die was Kyle Rayner's mother, killed by the sentient virus Despotellis on the orders of Sinestro.

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Kyle Rayner quickly agrees, and the four officers then take their batteries, recite the oath, and recharge their rings.

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Kyle Rayner now joins Donna Troy, Jason Todd, Bob the Monitor, and the Jokester in the Countdown Presents the Search for Ray Palmer.

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Kyle Rayner's new uniform is an amalgamation of his previous Lantern uniforms and elements of the traditional version, as well as his original mask.

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Kyle Rayner had been involved in the lead-up to "The Blackest Night", being one of the first to deal with a new Star Sapphires member, and fought on Oa after the Guardian Scar caused a mass prison break of Sinestro Corpsmen.

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Kyle Rayner, taking Ganthet's earlier declaration that he was putting his "hopes" in him to heart, chooses Saint Walker's ring, while Hal chooses Sinestro's, Guy chooses Atrocitus's, and John chooses Indigo-1's.

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However, Kyle Rayner reveals that when Miri showed him his true love, he saw Jade, not Soranik.

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Kyle Rayner justified himself saying that although Jade was the love of his life, she was dead and he needed to move on.

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Confused by the appearance of the rings, Kyle Rayner is soon ambushed by the decommissioned bearers' peers, who have tracked the rings to Kyle Rayner and have come to retrieve them.

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On Oa, Kyle Rayner tries to talk to Ganthet, only to discover that the Guardians have removed all emotion from him, and Ganthet now acts just like all the other Guardians of the Universe.

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The orange ring is revealed to be a construct of Glomulus, who asks Kyle Rayner for help, with the other ring-bearers arriving to either assist or attack Kyle Rayner.

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Kyle Rayner failed to fight off the First Lantern, which has the powers of the white light and drains his emotions.

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Later, Carol locates Kyle Rayner, who resists from his critical weak state, while Kyle Rayner and Carol arrive at the planet Korugar's grave when Sinestro rages to attack them, blaming everyone for his home planet being destroyed.

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Sinestro demands Kyle Rayner revive Korugar with the White Lantern ring's abilities, but Kyle Rayner is unable to do so.

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Later, Kyle Rayner arrives in Arizona and reunites with his father in his filling station.

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Soon enough Kyle Rayner discovered that when he went past the Source Wall with the purpose to deliver the emotional entities there so that the reservoir could be refilled he saw the instructions that shape the Universe, and he somehow changed the operating codes.

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However, various other ring-wielders, including Carol and the repowered Saint Walker, band together and convince him to have hope, resulting in Kyle Rayner working with the Templar Guardians into defeating Oblivion.

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In doing so, Kyle Rayner seems to be destroyed, but in fact, teleported to a dead planet.

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Kyle Rayner revives the dead world, to find that it's a world like Mogo.

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Kyle Rayner takes back the life that he bestowed on the dead planet.

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Subsequently, in DC Rebirth, Kyle Rayner is one of the several individuals who feel the tremors of the green light of willpower when Hal Jordan forges a Green Power Ring for himself.

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Kyle Rayner uses the power of his white ring and the former Guardians' power to open a doorway to Emerald Space in the afterlife, and manages to bring Hal back to the realm of the living.

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Kyle Rayner's constructs are much more elaborate than those of any other Green Lanterns, often fading into view like a sketch refined into an illustration.

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Kyle Rayner's ring was constructed from what remained of Hal Jordan's ring by Ganthet.

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Unlike most of the Green Lanterns' rings, Kyle Rayner's did not require a twenty-four-hour period of recharge, only when the ring's capacity was depleted; and it was not necessary to recite the Corps' oath when recharged.

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Kyle Rayner is the first Lantern not to suffer from a weakness to items colored yellow.

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Later, this was retconned with the explanation that rings can affect yellow if the user faces and overcomes their fear; as an artist, Kyle Rayner had faced his fear of rejection every time he showed his work, and this extended to his constructs, which he considered part of his artwork.

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When bonded with the benevolent Ion symbiont, Kyle Rayner was capable of much more elaborate usage of his imagination which can extend to the manipulation of reality.

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The ability to use any emotion spectrum light appears to be permanent, as Kyle Rayner is learning from different members of each Corps on how to use each power individually with limited success; he harnessed the power of Hope with relative ease, but required a brutal training session with Atrocitus to master Rage, while he only harnessed the power of Love during his fight with Ganthet.

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Kyle Rayner's ring is more powerful than a standard power ring and can replicate the abilities of any ring in the spectrum though the full extent of its abilities is yet to be revealed.

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Kyle Rayner was later revealed to possess the Life Equation as a result of being inside the Source Wall.

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However, Kyle Rayner was unable to control this level of power and was dying because of it.

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Kyle Rayner swore to never unite the rings unless absolutely necessary.

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Kyle Rayner is featured in the Justice League of America book series by Dennis O'Neil called Hero's Quest, published by Pocket Star Books in 2005.

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Rather than Hal destroying the Corps, it was instead the Guardians abandoning the Corps to remake the Universe, and Kyle Rayner is chosen by Ganthet to be the one to stop them as the new Green Lantern.

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