34 Facts About Atrocitus


Atrocitus is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Atrocitus is an enemy to the Guardians of the Universe and Sinestro, their former Green Lantern.

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Atrocitus created a device using stolen gun parts that acted as a cosmic divining rod, and used it to lead him to Hand.

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Atrocitus used his newly constructed device to sap the power from their rings, leaving them with only their wits to defend them from the master of the Five Inversions.

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Atrocitus was later returned to Ysmault by Sinestro, where he prophesied that Sinestro's home planet Korugar would soon erupt into chaos and disorder.

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Atrocitus said that his first new victim would be the one who called himself "the greatest Green Lantern": Sinestro, who had long since abandoned the Green Lantern Corps to forge a Corps in his own namesake.

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Atrocitus murdered Qull of the Five Inversions, a fellow member of the Empire of Tears and the one responsible for telling Abin Sur the prophecy of the Blackest Night, by bludgeoning him with the power battery.

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Atrocitus murdered the other members of the Five Inversions, using their blood to create red power rings, power batteries, and a Red Central Power Battery on Ysmault.

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Atrocitus soon donned his new red power ring, becoming the first Red Lantern.

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Atrocitus recruited many other individuals from across the universe who possessed great anger and hate, including former Green Lantern Laira.

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Atrocitus led his new corps in an assault against Sinestro while he was being transferred by some members of the Green Lantern Corps from the Oan Sciencells to his home planet of Korugar for execution.

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However, unlike the Guardians, who preferred a quick execution, Atrocitus wished to make Sinestro suffer first by taking revenge on everything he has ever cared about.

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Atrocitus's targets included Korugar, and Sinestro's previously unknown and hidden daughter, whose identity Atrocitus had learned through his blood prophecies.

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When Hal Jordan and the Blue Lanterns arrived to recover Sinestro, Atrocitus revealed another prophecy to Jordan: that the Guardians will one day take his greatest love, and he will become a renegade because of their actions.

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Jordan then attacked Atrocitus, using the power of the blue and green rings to make the red one explode in his face.

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Defeated, the Red Lanterns retreated to the dark side of Ysmault, where Atrocitus performed another blood ritual, seeking to discover the location of the Blue Lanterns' homeworld.

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Atrocitus later appeared on Okaara to steal Larfleeze's power battery.

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Atrocitus was then brought back to Ryut, where his rage subsided into grief for his lost world.

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Atrocitus agreed to help in the fight against the Black Lanterns, but promised to kill the Guardians when the conflict was over.

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The duplicate of Atrocitus' ring found its way to Mera, temporarily inducting her into the Red Lantern Corps.

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The Lanterns join together to fight off Lobo, with Atrocitus revealing that he is on Earth to stop the being who is capturing the Emotional entities.

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The Butcher then attempts to possess Atrocitus, revealing that Atrocitus had a wife and children who were killed in the Manhunters' attack.

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The Spectre calls off his judgment, and is unable to judge Atrocitus, discovering that his mission is a "holy" one.

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Atrocitus resolves to lead his Red Lanterns in punishing the guilty.

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Atrocitus settles for Bleez, restoring her mind and naming her his new right-hand.

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Atrocitus briefly regains his focus and unbridled rage when he discovers how Krona did not resurrect: instead Abysmus, one of his early experiments at creating life by the use of necromancy and shamanic rituals, had stolen Krona's body, eaten and flayed him and used his skin to empower himself and similar demonic creatures, known as the Abysmorphs.

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Atrocitus then captures Rankorr and forces a bug inside him to make him feral.

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Atrocitus then uses these new formed reds from Earth to fight Guy Gardner, but Gardner bears him by proving his rage greater than Atrocitus' and takes away his ring along with Dex-Starr's and all the new formed red's as well.

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Atrocitus begins by enacting the prophecy of the Red Dawn on Earth.

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Atrocitus wields a Red Lantern power ring similar to that of a Green Lantern's, except it is powered by rage rather than willpower.

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Atrocitus possesses superhuman strength and durability; strong enough to toss a 14+ ton construction digger and durable enough to withstand knife attacks.

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Atrocitus is highly intelligent, able to construct the energy-draining device later used by Black Hand from simple gun and computer parts.

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Atrocitus is later visited by Sinestro, who had hoped to understand the meaning of the "Flashpoint".

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Atrocitus tells the "Flashpoint" prophecy is a moment when all of history will be changed and the "Flash" who changed history and use his power to reset the universe to what he believes it should be.

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