45 Facts About Aquaman


Aquaman is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Aquaman's villains include his archenemy Black Manta and his own half-brother Ocean Master, among others.

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Character's original 1960s animated appearances left a lasting impression, making Aquaman widely recognized in popular culture and one of the world's most recognized superheroes.

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Aquaman would continue to feature in Adventure Comics for the next 15 years, being one of the few DC superheroes to appear continuously throughout the 1950s.

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When this ended, Aquaman appeared in three issues of World's Finest Comics and then returned to Adventure Comics as the first feature for four more issues .

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Aquaman's greatest discovery was an ancient city, in the depths where no other diver had ever penetrated.

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Aquaman made himself a water-tight home in one of the palaces and lived there, studying the records and devices of the race's marvelous wisdom.

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Aquaman's adventures took place all across the world and his base was "a wrecked fishing boat kept underwater, " in which he lived.

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Aquaman's adventures continued to be published in Adventure Comics through the 1940s and 1950s, as one of the few superheroes to last through the 1950s in continuous publication.

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Aquaman retroactively developed a specific weakness akin to Superman's vulnerability to kryptonite or Green Lantern's vulnerability to the color yellow: Aquaman had to come into contact with water at least once per hour or he would die.

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Aquaman was included in the Justice League of America comic book series, appearing with the team in their very first adventure, and was a founding member of the team.

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Aquaman took part in most of the 1960s adventures of the superhero team.

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Aquaman's supporting cast and rogues gallery soon began to grow with the addition of Aqualad, an outcast, orphaned youth from an Atlantean colony whom Aquaman took in and began to mentor.

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Aquaman later discovered the submerged fictional city of New Venice, which became Aquaman's base of operations for a time.

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Aquaman is recognized as the son of Atlanna and is later voted to be the King after the death of the former regent, who had no heirs.

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In 1989, the Legend of Aquaman Special rewrote Aquaman's mythos and origin while still keeping most of his Silver Age history intact.

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Aquaman learns that his birth name was Orin and that he and his enemy the Ocean Master share the same father, "an ancient Atlantean wizard" named Atlan.

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Aquaman loses his left hand when the madman Charybdis, attempting to force Arthur to show him how he can harness Arthur's ability to communicate with sea life, sticks Arthur's hand into a piranha-infested pool.

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Aquaman had no regular series of his own from 2001 to 2003, but his plot went through several developments via his cameo appearances in multiple other titles.

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Aquaman is freed from his imprisonment in the pool and Zatanna enhances his abilities so that he can now control the entire ocean as a powerful water wraith.

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Sixth Aquaman series began shortly afterward, initially written by Rick Veitch, who sought to take Aquaman in a more mystical direction.

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Orin seemingly reappears in Atlantis during the 2008 Final Crisis storyline to fend off the forces of Darkseid, but this Aquaman is revealed to be from another Earth in the multiverse.

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The appearance of this Aquaman is later perceived by Hal Jordan and Barry Allen to be an unsubstantiated rumor since this person was never seen nor heard from again.

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Aquaman is instructed by the White Lantern Entity to find Jackson Hyde before a second, unidentified group does.

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Aquaman is revealed to be one of the Elementals, transformed by the Entity to become the element of water and protect the Star City forest from the Dark Avatar, the Black Lantern version of the Swamp Thing.

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Greatly distressed by the harsh treatment given to the oceans during his time as ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman decides to abdicate the Atlantean throne and return to full-time heroics.

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Aquaman is called upon to bail Jackson Hyde out of jail, and Jackson appoints himself Aquaman's ”assistant”.

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Aquaman named her Andy, the name he used while amnesiac and stranded on Unspoken Water.

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The Dweller, confusing this new Arthur for Aquaman and calling him his "charge", tells Arthur and King Shark of a prophecy regarding Arthur's future, a prophecy which seems to be a distorted version of the original Aquaman's history.

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Arthur's first trip to Atlantis and the oceans causes him to meet many of Aquaman's supporting characters, including Mera, the Sea Devils, Vulko, and, eventually, the Ocean Master.

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Aquaman's explains that the original Aquaman had given a sample of his water hand to Dr Curry in order to resurrect Curry's dead son, Arthur, whom he had named after the hero.

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Aquaman once stated that this power more relied on encouraging and compelling the subject rather than full control, citing piranha as a species he has trouble commanding under any circumstances due to their ruthlessness and hunger.

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Aquaman has the ability to breathe underwater and possesses a superhuman physique strong enough to withstand attacks from superhuman opponents and resist machine gun fire.

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Aquaman had been bestowed an ability he never showcased before, given to him by an old Sea Monarch, granting him the ability of unaided flight using his own power.

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Pre-Flashpoint Aquaman has had an ill-defined level of telekinetic capability he would use every so often.

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At various times in his life, Aquaman has been transformed into a purely oceanic entity with power over all the seas of the world; this was usually temporary, as he would often revert to normal afterwards.

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Aquaman is the focus in a look into the future in Old Lady Harley.

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Aquaman later caused Western Europe to sink into the sea, killing over 60 million people, and intends to sink England as well.

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The Amazonian Furies then attack the reinforcements led by Aquaman, who is confronted in battle by their leader, Wonder Woman.

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Aquaman is intercepted by the Justice League, with it turning into a brawl between the Justice League and the Atlanteans.

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Aquaman relents and, as a result of this, largely abstains from the conflict between the Regime and the Insurgency .

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Aquaman apparently fails to survive the passage from Earth-3 to Prime Earth, but is awakened in "Forever Evil: Blight" after being possessed by Deadman.

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Aquaman appeared in the live-action television series Smallville being portrayed by Alan Ritchson.

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Momoa's Aquaman has long, dark hair, a full beard and extensive tattoos.

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Aquaman was listed as the 147th-greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine.

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