44 Facts About Booster Gold


Booster Gold is a superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Booster Gold is initially depicted as a glory-seeking showboat from the future, staging high-publicity heroics through his knowledge of historical events and futuristic technology.

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In May 2010, Keith Giffen took over the Booster Gold title, linking it with the 26-week miniseries Justice League: Generation Lost, in which Booster united with Fire, Ice and Captain Atom to defeat the resurrected Maxwell Lord.

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From July 2010 through February 2011, Booster Gold starred alongside Rip Hunter, Green Lantern, and Superman in the six-issue miniseries Time Masters: Vanishing Point, part of the "Return of Bruce Wayne" arc, which reintroduced the Reverse-Flash and established the background for the 2011 DC crossover event Flashpoint.

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Jurgens's 1984 series proposal for Booster Gold compared the hero to US Olympic Gold athletes such as Dorothy Hamill, Peggy Fleming, and Caitlyn Jenner, who had turned "Olympic gold into commercial gold", selling multiple products based on their fame and past accomplishments.

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Booster Gold is capable of flight, cognition, and voice projection, which are all considered highly advanced for 21st century Earth.

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Booster Gold has historical records which give him a vast knowledge of what will happen between the 21st and 25th centuries, though its reliability has become questionable.

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Booster Gold possesses numerous miniature tools and weapons kept within his shell, and is equipped with a powerful energy blaster.

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Booster Gold is apparently immune to reality and temporal manipulation.

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Booster Gold used Rip Hunter's Time Sphere, on display in the museum, to travel to the 20th century, intent on becoming a superhero and forming a corporation based around himself to make a comfortable living.

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Booster Gold is a shameless self-promoter whose obsession with fame and wealth irritates other heroes.

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Booster Gold starts his hero career by preventing the shapeshifting assassin Chiller, an operative of The 1000, from killing the President of the United States and replacing him.

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Booster Gold is devastated when she dies battling creatures from another dimension.

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Booster Gold is frequently partnered with fellow Justice League member Blue Beetle, and the two quickly become best friends.

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Skeets acts as its systems controller, who aids Booster Gold and is able to take control of the costume if Booster Gold is rendered unconscious.

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Booster Gold is badly injured in an explosion at Kord's home, and it is revealed that his companion Skeets has been dismantled for its 25th century technology by the Checkmate organization.

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Booster Gold discovered that another friend, Maxwell Lord, is responsible for killing Blue Beetle and that in fact, Lord always hated metahumans and superheroes.

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Booster Gold tells Batman the subject of the stolen records: Batman never finds Brother Eye, but Booster Gold implies that, with Jaime's aid, they can succeed.

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The mission is successful and Booster Gold plays a pivotal role in the destruction of the satellite.

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Booster Gold attends the memorial, but when Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman do not arrive as he expects, he suspects his robot sidekick Skeets is malfunctioning and becomes hysterical.

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Booster Gold finds photos of himself and Skeets surrounded by the words "his fault" with arrows pointing toward them.

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Booster Gold puts in a request to the Justice League that they admit him and the group begrudgingly decide to monitor him over the following week.

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Booster Gold uses a special light gun designed by Ted to blast the corpse and separate the ring with light, simulating the emotional spectrum.

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Booster Gold is somewhat relieved when Skeets uses the Fortress's special chronal surveillance equipment to display images of the days of Team Blue and Gold.

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Booster Gold next finds his sister living in Coast City mere hours before its destruction.

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Older Booster Gold reveals that he is still married to Rip's mother, and that Michelle is with them in some unknown time.

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In Justice League: Generation Lost, Booster Gold is part of the manhunt to bring the resurrected Maxwell Lord to justice.

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Fire, Ice, and Captain Atom are soon set up by Max to cut them off from allies, but, ironically, Booster Gold is left alone because his reputation is already poor.

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Skeets is damaged when Booster Gold is attacked by the military's Project Six, which is revealed to be Doomsday.

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Booster Gold learns the timeline has been changed, suspecting Professor Zoom.

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Booster Gold tries to prevent Doomsday from killing innocent people, and manages to put Doomsday's helmet back on.

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Alexandra defeats Doomsday by using the control helmet to make Doomsday tear himself apart, subsequently asking Booster Gold to take her with him when he restores history to normal.

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Booster Gold takes his leadership role seriously, and strives to become a better hero and role model.

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The older Booster Gold mysteriously reappears in other timelines, like 19th century Gotham City.

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The older Booster is sent careening through the timeline, eventually meeting up with his sister, Goldstar, who is in a version of Metropolis which has been sealed in a bubble by a godlike version of Brainiac from an alternative universe.

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Brainiac threatens to kill Michelle unless the younger Booster Gold gives up the location of Vanishing Point, which he concedes.

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The older Booster Gold knows this could lead to the end of the Multiverse, setting up the events of Convergence.

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Booster Gold explains to Kord that he has led a good life, married and had a son.

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Booster Gold is much more brutish, pimp slapping a female employee simply because Lord commands it.

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In Justice Riders, a western take on the Justice League by Chuck Dixon and J H Williams III, Booster is a travelling gambler who wants to join Sheriff Diana Prince's posse.

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DC One Million version of Booster Gold is a time traveler named Peter Platinum who appears in Booster Gold vol.

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Booster Gold and Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle, had been friendly rivals even though Booster used to mock Ted's Blue Beetle suit due to his weight.

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Booster Gold is featured in the Smallville Season 11 digital comic based on the TV series.

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Booster Gold was ranked as the 173rd greatest comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine.

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