34 Facts About Blue Beetle


Blue Beetle is the name of three fictional superheroes who appear in a number of American comic books published by a variety of companies since 1939.

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The most recent of the companies to own rights to Blue Beetle is DC Comics, which bought the rights to the character in 1983, using the name for three distinct characters over the years.

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Original Blue Beetle was created by Charles Nicholas Wojtkoski and Fox Comics and later owned by Charlton Comics.

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The first Blue Beetle was Dan Garret, who initially gained superpowers from a special vitamin, which was later changed to gaining powers from a "sacred scarab".

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The original Blue Beetle was featured in not only his own comic but a weekly radio serial.

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Second Blue Beetle, created by Charlton and later taken over by DC Comics, was the successor to Dan Garrett known as Ted Kord.

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Blue Beetle became a member of the Justice League of America and was later killed during the prelude to DC Comics' Infinite Crisis cross over.

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Third Blue Beetle, created by DC Comics, is Jaime Reyes, a teenager who discovers that the original Blue Beetle scarab morphs into a battle suit allowing him to fight crime and travel in space.

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Blue Beetle starred in a comic book series, comic strip and radio serial, but like most Golden Age superheroes, he fell into obscurity in the 1950s.

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New Blue Beetle series starring Ted Kord began publication in 1986, integrating the hero into the DC Comics shared universe.

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Editor Dan DiDio put the cancellation down to poor sales and said that Blue Beetle was "a book that we started with very high expectations, but it lost its audience along the way".

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In June 2009, Blue Beetle was brought back as a "co-feature" of the more popular Booster Gold comic.

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Original Golden Age Blue Beetle is Dan Garret, son of a police officer killed by a criminal.

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Charlton's new Blue Beetle retained the original's name, but none of his powers or origin, making him a different character.

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The Charlton Dan Garrett version of the Blue Beetle ran only until 1966 before his replacement debuted.

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Character briefly returned in DC Comics' first run of Blue Beetle, resurrected by his mystical scarab to battle against his successor.

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Replacement Blue Beetle created by Charlton Comics, and later published by Americomics and DC Comics, is Ted Kord, a former student of Dan Garrett, a genius-level inventor and a gifted athlete.

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Blue Beetle carried it during the Crisis on Infinite Earths when he was chosen by the Monitor to protect the multiple Earths, but it only reacted when he was attacked; it did not give him superpowers.

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Blue Beetle discovered a renewed Checkmate organization led by Maxwell Lord, with a database containing information on every metahuman on Earth.

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Blue Beetle was captured and executed with a single gunshot to the head.

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Blue Beetle feels Jaime should enjoy his childhood for as long as he can, and should attempt to further his education.

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Blue Beetle finds the scarab in a vacant lot and it fuses with him while he sleeps.

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Blue Beetle later becomes a member of the Teen Titans, and is good friends with Rose Wilson, Robin, Static, and others.

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Blue Beetle's large and loving family is a major source of strength and guidance for Jaime.

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However, the Blue Beetle Scarab is damaged and so instead of it controlling the host, it forms a symbiotic relationship with them.

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Blue Beetle scarab uses its serial number, Khaji Da, as its name.

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Blue Beetle was seen in Alex Ross and Mark Waid's limited series Kingdom Come.

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Blue Beetle would be shown later in the title in a suit of armor powered by the then-mystic scarab, working with Batman's team.

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Blue Beetle is killed with most of the other heroes by a nuclear explosion.

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New version of the Blue Beetle known as "Blue Scarab" was shown as a member of the Justice League in the apocalyptic future depicted in Justice League: Generation Lost.

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Blue Beetle is stated as being the "descendant of the Blue Beetle", and has a very alien-looking appearance.

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Blue Beetle had a short career on the radio, between May and September 1940.

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Kingdom Come story, in which the Blue Beetle took part, has been adapted as an audio drama by John Whitman, based on the story by Mark Waid and Alex Ross and the novelization by Elliot S Maggin .

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Blue Beetle wore a mask, a hood with antennae, wings, tennis shoes, boxer shorts, and a T-shirt bearing the name "Blue Beetle".

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