55 Facts About Maxwell Lord


Maxwell Lord IV is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Maxwell Lord IV is the son of Maxwell Lord III, a successful businessman and head of the Chimtech Consortium.

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When Maxwell Lord IV was 16, he came home to find his father dead in an apparent suicide.

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Maxwell Lord's father had discovered that his company had produced a highly carcinogenic product, and could not bear the guilt.

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Maxwell Lord's mother was convinced by her husband to employ a similar practice, cajoling heroic metahumans to help Maxwell Lord.

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The computer wanted Maxwell Lord to set up a worldwide peacekeeping organization as part of its plan to dominate the world.

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Once free of the computer's influence, Maxwell Lord is portrayed as an amoral businessman, but not a real villain.

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Originally a normal human, Maxwell Lord is one of many people on Earth gifted with superpowers during the Invasion crossover, when a Gene Bomb is exploded by alien invaders.

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Maxwell Lord puts together several former JLI members, including L-Ron, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Fire as the "Super Buddies", advertised as "heroes the common man could call".

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In Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis, Maxwell Lord attends Sue Dibny's funeral and speaks to Booster Gold, further denting his already dwindling faith in superheroes.

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Maxwell Lord uses Brother Eye to create an army of OMACs, programmed to hunt down and kill all superhumans.

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Maxwell Lord uses his powers to influence Superman's mind, causing him to brutally beat Batman in the belief that he is Brainiac.

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Maxwell Lord subsequently sends Superman to attack Wonder Woman after making him believe that she is his old enemy Doomsday who has just killed his wife Lois Lane.

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Maxwell Lord creates a diversion lasting long enough for her to race back to Lord's location and asks that he release Superman.

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Maxwell Lord, bound by her lasso of truth, complies but states that he'll use Superman again to kill people.

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Many of the editors thought that the idea made sense, as Maxwell Lord had been shown to have a mean streak and to have killed previously.

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Maxwell Lord reappeared in 2007 in the first two-story arcs of the new Booster Gold series by Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgens.

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Maxwell Lord reveals that he had been returned to human form after dozens of clandestine operations and that he learned the importance of control during that time.

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When Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, having assembled their old JLI teammates, storm Brother Eye, Maxwell Lord is killed by Dr Light when she blasts a hole through his chest.

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Maxwell Lord next makes an appearance in the Trinity maxi-series.

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Maxwell Lord's skull is stolen by a group called the Dreambound and brought to Morgaine Le Fey for usage in a spell, which requires an item connected to Wonder Woman.

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Maxwell Lord's corpse is revived as a Black Lantern during the event.

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Maxwell Lord continues to taunt her, speaking out of a piece of crystal.

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Maxwell Lord is later brought back to life by the power of the White Light.

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Maxwell Lord is first seen attempting to push his mind control powers further than ever, but severely injures himself in the attempt, despite his meticulous preparations, which include a constant blood supply and an ice pool.

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Later, Deadman's white power ring gives him a vision where Maxwell Lord is shown shaking hands with Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle.

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Maxwell Lord is found hiding in the old Justice League International embassy by Booster Gold, whom Lord is able to defeat.

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Maxwell Lord then uses a device to amplify his mind control powers to unprecedented levels.

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Maxwell Lord then sends OMACs after the current Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, who calls Booster Gold and the others for help.

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Meanwhile, Maxwell Lord discovers that his resurrection has come with a side effect: some of his efforts to control others' minds transform his targets into cadavers wearing Black Lantern uniforms.

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Contacting his former colleagues through a fallen Rocket Red's armor, Maxwell Lord reveals that he intentionally exempted them from the worldwide mindwipe, and that he wants them to protect the world as they did in the old days.

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Maxwell Lord then warns the group not to come looking for him, unaware that Blue Beetle had located his transmission signal.

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Maxwell Lord is at one point contacted by the Entity, who tells him to stop Magog from plunging the world into war.

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Maxwell Lord then sees a vision of himself, with Magog's staff, killing a distraught Magog, who begs for mercy.

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Maxwell Lord uses technology to upgrade Magog's staff into emitting energy blasts.

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Maxwell Lord then asks Doctor Sivana to create a genetically engineered humanoid clone of Power Girl.

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Maxwell Lord then makes everyone believe that they watched Captain Atom murder Magog.

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The Entity proclaims that Maxwell Lord has completed his task, and his life is restored to him.

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However, Maxwell Lord is struck with the discovery that, with the exception of the original four ex-JLI members, no one in the world remembers Wonder Woman.

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Maxwell Lord captures Jaime Reyes, and heads towards the teleporter with him, while the others are unable to stop him.

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Maxwell Lord regains his abilities to transform his targets into cadaver OMACs, and he tortures the captive Blue Beetle.

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Later, Maxwell Lord uses a device to enhance his mental powers, turning people around the world into OMACs to attack Wonder Woman and the JLI.

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Booster Gold manages to locate Maxwell Lord's flying headquarters, attacking it to confront him face-to-face.

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Maxwell Lord says that he only wants to protect the world from the metahuman threat, and he will continue to do so in secret.

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Maxwell Lord successfully captures Batman's superpower monitoring satellite, Brother Eye, for his own purposes, but it ends up creating an agent with which it would act through seeking vengeance.

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Maxwell Lord ends up getting into heated battle with an all new OMAC who was formerly one of the project's employees.

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Maxwell Lord chose these five as they were the 'original' incarnation of the Suicide Squad, and hence have experience working as a team, prompting Waller to capture the Justice League to ask for their help against Lord.

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Maxwell Lord uses the infected Justice League to achieve "peace" across America, and has Waller kidnapped and taken before him.

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When Waller is able to bring him to his senses, Maxwell Lord tries to remove the Heart of Darkness, but it consumes him and transforms him into Eclipso.

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Maxwell Lord mockingly asks Waller if she set this whole thing up just to 'justify' the Squad to the League, but Waller declines to reply, and simply informs him that he is to prepare himself for service on "Task Force XI".

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Maxwell Lord's powers allow him to telepathically influence people's minds, typically in the form of pushing a subconscious suggestion to others.

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Over time, Maxwell Lord's powers grew to the point where he could take full control of other beings, even Superman, although it required a great deal of time and patience for him to establish the necessary level of control over the Man of Steel.

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Maxwell Lord's powers made him such a threat to global security that Wonder Woman was forced to kill him after questioning him under the Lasso of Truth confirmed that his death was the only way to free Superman.

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In Wonder Woman: Earth One, Maxwell Lord is an expert entrepreneur who provides his services to the US Army in areas such as robotics, tactical analysis and psychology.

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Maxwell Lord was the main expert against alleged plans of an Amazon invasion and domination of the men of the world by women.

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