37 Facts About Doctor Sivana


Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Doctor Sivana has kept his role as one of the key archenemies of Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam, through to the character's appearances in DC Comics, which eventually acquired the rights to Fawcett's superhero characters.

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In 2009, Doctor Sivana was ranked as IGN's 82nd-greatest comic book villain of all time.

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Infamously evil, Doctor Sivana appeared in well over half of all of the Golden Age Captain Marvel comic stories, and in all of the first four stories, after having deduced Captain Marvel's dual identity as boy radio broadcaster Billy Batson early on.

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Doctor Sivana was at first a good man who wanted to help humanity, but big business, bosses, and other concerns blocked and checked him and even called him mad, until, embittered, he turned against humanity and moved to Venus.

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Doctor Sivana somehow held high status among the beings of the planet Venus.

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Doctor Sivana returned to Earth, establishing himself as a villain, and clashed with Capt.

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Doctor Sivana still makes many attempts at world domination, including a multi-issue storyline where he traveled across America, threatening to destroy entire cities unless he was acknowledged as Rightful Ruler of the Universe.

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The modern Doctor Sivana, in addition to being a mad scientist, was a powerful and influential tycoon.

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Doctor Sivana is a short, bald, self-described mad scientist with a penchant for developing unusual technologies.

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Thaddeus Bodog Doctor Sivana, born in 1892, began with the best intentions and was one of Europe's best scientific minds, with progressive scientific ideas that could revolutionize industry but were rejected by everyone he approached.

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Doctor Sivana initially plotted his revenge with a radio silencer that would disable all radio communications permanently.

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Doctor Sivana tried to extort $50 million, only to be stopped by Captain Marvel in his first adventure.

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Cap broke through the window of the building where Doctor Sivana was hiding and defeated the guards, binding them securely with tubing ripped from the radio-silencer.

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Doctor Sivana planned to kill Captain Marvel with a blast from his Atom-Smasher, but Cap leaped back out the window and escaped.

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Doctor Sivana appeared to have been killed by the Atom-Smasher blast, but he returned a short time later, having somehow learned Captain Marvel's identity.

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Doctor Sivana sent a letter to Billy Batson to lure him to the planet Venus, disguising himself as 'Professor Xerxes Smith'.

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Doctor Sivana's henchmen bound and gagged Batson, and Doctor Sivana tried to take away his memory using a Memory Mangler.

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Doctor Sivana's henchmen rebelled against him and set off an explosion that destroyed the Mangler.

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Doctor Sivana continued to nurse a megalomaniacal grudge against humanity and a personal enmity with the Marvel Family.

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Dr Doctor Sivana turned out to be indirectly responsible for the main conflict of 52: disruptions in the fictional time stream caused by a mutated Mister Mind.

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Doctor Sivana had captured Mind, a worm who happened to be another of Captain Marvel's villains, and the scientist had bombarded it with treatments of Doctor Sivana's own "Suspendium" time-travel compound.

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Doctor Sivana is finally thrown back in time to the day where Dr Sivana found him.

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Dr Doctor Sivana was with Libra when Calculator was accused of sending computer codes that would help the resistance.

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Doctor Sivana joins with Lex Luthor in betraying Libra, after being made to watch one of his own daughters succumb to the Anti-Life Equation.

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Doctor Sivana creates a device to shut down the Justifiers' helmets, allowing Luthor to attack Libra.

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Dr Doctor Sivana's team finds what he believes to be the tomb of Black Adam; while attempting to open it, the scientist is half-blinded by magical lightning to the face.

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Doctor Sivana asks for the voice's name and discovers a caterpillar-like creature trapped in a bottle.

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Doctor Sivana has his three offspring Thaddeus Jr, Georgia, and Magnificus storm the Marvel Family's Rock of Eternity and seize control of it, pitting themselves against their opponents, but soon finds he has been betrayed by the Legion of Sivanas and is defeated.

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Doctor Sivana is among the villains that do not want to relocate to Kahndaq.

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In order for Black Adam to distract the Shazam Family while he and Doctor Sivana went to the Monsterlands to free the Monster Society of Evil, Mister Mind summoned the Seven Deadly Enemies of Man who assist him.

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Mister Mind and Doctor Sivana begin their plans to free the Monster Society of Evil from the Dungeon of Eternity.

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Doctor Sivana is then instructed by Mister Mind to summon the Book of Champions from the Rock of Eternity.

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Doctor Sivana once discovered a mathematical formula which, when recited, allowed him to walk through walls and solid objects, making himself almost impossible to imprison or even catch.

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When he and the Seven Deadly Sins fight Shazam and his-powered foster siblings in the conflict, Doctor Sivana was defeated by Shazam and the Seven Deadly Sins are re-imprisoned.

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Doctor Sivana is approached by Mister Mind who strikes an allegiance with him.

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An alternate universe version of Doctor Sivana appears in Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, voiced by Daniel Hagen.

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