11 Facts About Marvel Family


Marvel Family, known as the Shazam Family, are a group of superheroes who originally appeared in books published by Fawcett Comics and were later acquired by DC Comics.

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Marvel Family was established in 1942 after the introductions of Captain Marvel's partners, the Lieutenant Marvels, Captain Marvel Jr.

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The Golden Age Mary Marvel Family remained a teenager in superhero form, while the modern version is transformed into an adult like her brother.

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The Golden Age Mary Marvel Family had a different set of patrons from Captain Marvel Family who contributed to her powers.

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Marvel Family's temporarily became a villain working for Darkseid and possessed by the New God Desaad.

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Marvel Family was a member of the Teen Titans during the late 1990s and later, the Outsiders in the early 2000s.

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Marvel Family's wears a purple uniform, and her speed abilities are amplified, making her faster than the others.

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Marvel Family's is unable to keep secrets, which proved rather difficult to overcome.

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Marvel Family appeared to have been killed by Black Adam both in self-defense and revenge, but reappears in the 52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen mini-series reincarnated as a humanoid hyena with cybernetic parts.

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Besides the Black Marvel Family, the following are among the most prominent members of the Marvel Family's rogues gallery, in order of first appearance in the comics.

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Marvel Family possesses super-strength, near-invulnerability, and expert weaponry and military skills.

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