47 Facts About Mary Marvel


Mary Marvel is a fictional character, a superheroine originally published by Fawcett Comics and now owned by DC Comics.

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Mary Marvel was one of the first female spin-offs of a major male superhero, and predates the introduction of Superman's female cousin Supergirl by more than a decade.

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Two limited series from 2007 to 2009, Countdown and Final Crisis, feature an evil version of Mary Marvel having acquired powers from first Shazam Family archenemy Black Adam and further from Apokoliptian supervillain god Desaad.

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In current continuity following DC's 2011 New 52 reboot, Mary Marvel Bromfield appears as the eldest of Billy Batson's foster siblings.

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Mary Marvel was introduced into Fawcett Comics' Marvel Family franchise a year after a young male counterpart, Captain Marvel Jr.

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Rod Reed, the executive editor of Fawcett comics at the time that Mary Marvel was created, recalled that, originally, the letter "S" in Shazam was to have stood for Sappho.

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Mary Marvel's appeared in The Marvel Family book with Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.

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Uncle Marvel was eventually made the Marvel Family's manager, and served as Mary's guardian.

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When calling upon her powers, Mary is transformed into an adult resembling her late mother .

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In 2003, Mary Marvel became a member of an offshoot of the Justice League known as the Super Buddies in the Formerly Known as the Justice League miniseries, which juxtaposed her Golden Age-era personality with the modern-day world for comic effect.

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Mary Marvel's was defeated by Black Adam during World War III along with the other Marvels.

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Captain Marvel then learns that Mary's locket matches his own, and that she is indeed Billy's sister.

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Mary Marvel's is then struck by a magic lightning bolt and transformed into a super-powered version of herself, later christened "Mary Marvel" by her brother.

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Mary Marvel learns that Mary is still alive, but after four years of searching, neither he nor his benefactor, the wizard Shazam, can find the girl.

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The only thing Billy has to remember Mary Marvel by is her favorite toy, a "Tawky Tawny" doll, which was shipped to America with the Batsons' possessions after their murders.

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Captain Marvel arrives at the Bromfield estate and changes back to Billy Batson to deliver the package, but is immediately kidnapped by the thugs who helped Primm forge Mary's adoption records.

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Mary Marvel, not having seen Billy, takes the package and opens it, discovering the adoption records and the Tawky Tawny doll.

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Mary Marvel complies and is transformed by a bolt of magic lightning into a superpowered doppelganger of her deceased mother.

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Mary Marvel's saves Billy, who transforms into Captain Marvel to help Mary defeat the thugs, but the two Marvels cannot save Sarah Primm, who is murdered by one of the thugs.

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Mary Marvel's finds that she is still powerless and a note left by Freddy Freeman with a nurse asks her not to look for him as he is trying to get the powers of Shazam back, per the orders of Marvel.

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Mary Marvel tells Adam how much she valued her powers and how she desires to regain them.

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Mary Marvel is transformed into the mortal Teth-Adam, whom Mary rescues from a wall toppling on him.

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Mary Marvel wears a black form-fitting costume and wields Adam's powers as a darker, angrier character.

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Mary Marvel's uses a rougher justice, such as turning soldiers to stone and shrinking poachers so their quarries chase them.

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Mary Marvel refuses to sell herself for more power, beats Eclipso with her own crystal, and flees, enraged.

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The group manages to free the Olympian gods from an Apokoliptan chamber, and Mary Marvel's powers are restored along with her white costume, which now has a gray lightning bolt and long sleeves.

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Mary Marvel's then confronts Donna Troy, Kyle Rayner, Forager, and Jimmy Olsen, seizing Jimmy to take him back to Darkseid.

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Later, distracted by hordes of Anti-Life followers about to attack, Freddy Freeman, the new Captain Marvel, grabs Mary and uses the last of his magic to transform them back to normal.

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Mary Marvel is approached by Blaze, who offers to restore her and Billy's powers in exchange for her killing Freddy.

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Mary Marvel seems to go along with the deal, appearing to poison Freddy.

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Mary Marvel's is the oldest kid living in the Vazquezes' foster home, along with Billy Batson, Freddy Freeman, Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley, and Pedro Pena.

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Mary Marvel was the second child placed with the Vazquezes, having run away from an abusive home at a young age.

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Fawcett and pre-1985 version of Mary Marvel did not derive her "Shazam" powers from the male mythological figures who empower Billy, but from a set of female benefactors: Selene for grace, Hippolyta* for strength, Ariadne for skill, Zephyrus for fleetness, Aurora for beauty and Minerva for wisdom.

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The original Mary Marvel remained a teenager when she transformed rather than becoming a mature adult like Billy.

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Mary Marvel loses these powers in the 2006 Brave New World one-shot special.

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Since Adam was not sharing his powers with anyone else when he granted them to Mary Marvel, and had been carrying the powers of his dead wife Isis, Mary Marvel is more powerful than she has ever been.

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Mary Marvel's powers continue to expand rapidly as she and her mentor Eclipso seek new sources of magical power for her, gaining various new magical powers.

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Mary Marvel's became sufficiently powerful to withstand Darkseid's Omega Beams.

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Mary Marvel's powers were restored when she aided the Olympian Gods in retaining their freedom from Apokolips.

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Mary Marvel's is able to bestow part of it upon Billy, making him Black Billy.

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Power of Shazam: Formerly, in order to change form, Mary Marvel had to call upon the name of Shazam, thereby invoking spells involving the energies of those extradimensional beings once known as gods on Earth.

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Mary Marvel has been analyzed as a portrayal of women in American comics, specifically how her physique and costumes serve as examples of masculinity vs femininity and the objectification of women in comics.

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An evil version of Mary Marvel exists in an alternate universe as a member of the "Power Posse" .

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When Billy transforms into Captain Marvel, Mary stands too close to her brother and is struck by the fringe of the magic lightning; as a result, Mary gains her Marvel form that is apparently based on the aspects of various goddesses, including superior flying speed to her brother, and powers stemming by a female set of benefactors.

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For example, Athena's wisdom is different from Solomon's, allowing Mary Marvel to perceive "life vibrations" and distinguish between living and non-living beings.

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Mary Marvel appears as a main character in this follow-up series.

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Mary Marvel's appears to be attracted to the Green Lantern of that time period.

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