14 Facts About Anti-Life Equation


Anti-Life Equation is a fictional concept appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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In Jack Kirby's Fourth World setting, the Anti-Life Equation is a formula for total control over the minds of sentient beings that is sought by Darkseid, who, for this reason, sends his forces to Earth, as he believes part of the equation exists in the subconsciousness of humanity.

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Jack Kirby's original comics established the Anti-Life Equation as giving the being who learns it power to dominate the will of all sentient and sapient races.

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In stopping them Orion learned the Anti-Life Equation, and tried to use it to make people happy and good, but decided that the suppression of free will is always a bad thing.

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Libra used the Anti-Life Equation to turn several members of his Secret Society of Super Villains into Justifiers while some of Earth's superheroines and supervillainesses were converted into new versions of the Female Furies.

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Multiversity features a different version to the Anti-Life Equation known as the Anti-Death Equation: a dark, mysterious power used by the Gentry, capable of transforming and corroding anything from the laws of physics to even beings as powerful as Monitors, turning its victims into gruesome and evil creatures who are incapable of dying.

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In DCU continuity the Anti-Life Equation itself retains its importance to a great many interested parties having come into the control of a host of users both in incomplete and whole formulations of itself.

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In Jim Starlin's mini-series Cosmic Odyssey, the Anti-Life Equation is revealed as a living shadow-based deity that corrupts and destroys everything it touches.

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In Walt Simonson's Orion series, the Anti-Life Equation is portrayed much like in the original Kirby comics, ignoring the version shown in Cosmic Odyssey.

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Anti-Life Equation passes this immunity to his allies by drawing a specific pattern on their face.

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When Jim Starlin returned to writing the New Gods in 2007's Death of the New Gods mini-series, the retcon was revised, with the Anti-Life Equation Entity being revealed to be one-half of a cosmic being that was split into two by the war of the old gods.

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Unlike the Anti-Life Equation which saps a person of their free will, The Life Equation is an all consuming power which has the capability to restructure reality by changing its formula around rewriting the very multiverse itself, representing the attributes of life itself pertaining to change and variance.

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Once claimed the Life Anti-Life Equation has the power to redefine reality on a universal to multiversal degree enabling the user to change the formula in order to remake all of existence.

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The Life Anti-Life Equation was split into seven parts and placed into Kyle's and six newly created White Power rings.

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