25 Facts About Female Furies


Female Furies are a group of fictional women warriors appearing in comics published by DC Comics.

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In November 2018, the Female Furies headlined their own six-issue miniseries by writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Adriana Melo.

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Infighting among the Female Furies is commonplace, most typically to appoint a leader to the group.

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The Female Furies ambushed Granny Goodness, who had been holding a viewing party for Mister Miracle's trial by combat with a mysterious creature called the Lump.

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On Earth, the Female Furies had little time to relax as they were soon incapacitated by the World Protective League.

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The Female Furies helped to defeat the Head of the World Protective League, and Mike McCracken sabotaged the building so that it would blow up in four hours.

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Orion later mentioned that Lashina and the Female Furies had been called to join New Genesis in the war against Apokolips.

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Under unknown circumstances, the Female Furies left Barda on Earth and returned to Apokolips where they were temporarily assigned to command a unit of automated battle machines as punishment for their defection.

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The Female Furies attempted to revolt, but they were subdued along with Granny Goodness by Apokoloptian soldiers with electric jolts.

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Female Furies eventually regained Darkseid's trust, and he assigned them the task of retrieving Glorious Godfrey from Belle Reve Penitentiary.

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Female Furies appointed Lashina as new leader of the Furies, though Desaad tried to convince the ruler to appoint his sister Bernadeth in the position.

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The Female Furies traveled to Earth and broke into the prison, battling various members of the Suicide Squad and easily capturing their target.

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Female Furies then revived the fallen Suicide Squad members and allowed them to leave Apokolips.

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Female Furies revived Lashina, though as punishment he kept Bernadeth as leader.

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The Female Furies managed to quickly defeat Mister Miracle and deliver him to Darkseid's throne room.

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Female Furies made an appearance as antagonists in Grant Morrison's acclaimed Seven Soldiers event, specifically in the Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle mini-series.

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The only Female Furies who were not visibly killed, currently, are Lashina, Stompa, Gilotina, Malice, Wunda, and Artemiz; although at the end of Death of the New Gods it is reiterated that all the New Gods are dead.

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Female Furies's is last seen being electrocuted into unconsciousness by Static, who then presumably turns her over to the authorities with the rest of the upper level Dark Side Club players.

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Granny Goodness, along with the Female Furies, remained loyal to Darkseid, and awaited his return on the outskirts of Apokolips.

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When Lois Lane jumped to Superman's defense, the Female Furies turned on her, claiming that by caring for a man she was belittling the progress that the Female Furies had made.

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Female Furies sent the Furies, now with Bernadeth and Gilotina, to Turkey in search of his missing artifacts.

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Later, the Female Furies attended the birth of Mister Miracle's and Big Barda's child Jacob.

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Female Furies's later assigned her to capture the escaped prisoner and former Fury, Petite Tina.

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Only two of the Female Furies are merged with Marvel characters: Lashina and the Scarlet Witch merge to become Red Lash, and Stompa and the Blob merge to become Blobba.

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Female Furies appear in the story "Dig For Fire", where they discover that Wonder Woman has traveled to Apokolips.

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