15 Facts About Mister Miracle


Mister Miracle is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

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Mister Miracle debuted in the first issue of the eponymous series cover dated April 1971 as part of the Fourth World tetralogy.

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Mister Miracle was one of four DC Comics series in Kirby's ambitious, but short-lived, Fourth World saga.

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Mister Miracle's escape, long anticipated and planned for by Darkseid, nullified the pact between Darkseid and Highfather; giving Darkseid the excuse he needed to revive the war with New Genesis.

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Mister Miracle eventually ran away and ended up on the streets near the informal ward of escapologist Thaddeus Brown, and he served as an occasional stand-in.

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Mister Miracle held his own during the Joker's "Last Laugh" riot and was promoted to Warden of the Slab, which had by then been relocated to Antarctica.

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Shilo Norman's Mister Miracle appears in Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom, a six-issue miniseries spinning out of the events of DC Future State and tying into Infinite Frontier.

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Mister Miracle is a genius inventor who has designed most of the equipment in his costume, including his Mother Box.

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Mister Miracle is considered better at escapes than Batman, and much of his skill is the result of his advanced physiology.

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Also, Mister Miracle used his godlike powers to resurrect his wife and battle against Steppenwolf and Kalibak, temporarily stopping the war between New Genesis and Apokolips.

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Mister Miracle proved to be powerful enough to fight Superman and Orion together.

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Mister Miracle is shown to have a high level of invulnerability; enduring space's rigors, surviving the explosion of three "Boom Spheres", resisting attacks of powerful beings such as Darkseid.

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Mister Miracle's combined reflexes, speed and agility make him able to dodge almost any attack, even from two Apokalitian assassins, as he did with Lashina and Kanto.

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Mister Miracle is still a super escape artist and an expert combatant, successfully defeating Fury, Wonder Woman's daughter.

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Mister Miracle appeared in the Elseworlds book Superman: The Dark Side, in which he becomes Metron's successor.

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